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The 13th Five Year Plan of Mianyang Traffic Construction

2020-12-17 08:31
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Traffic construction paves the road, narrows the distance between people,and enhances the chance of becoming wealthy. The traffic map of Mianyang is like a magnificent and colorful network rapidly weaving in Mianzhou——
As for the highway -- the completion and opening of Mianyang Xi'an expressway has made the traffic mileage of the whole city reach 413 kilometers, and the ranking of the whole province has risen from the 12th to the 5th, which has strengthened the traffic interconnection between Mianyang and the Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone, and further enhanced the traffic location advantage. The construction of Jiulong Mianyang, Guangping, Zhongsui, G5 Chengdu Mianyang and Miancang expressway are speeding up.
As for railway,the completion and opening of Xi'an-Chengdu High-speed Railway marks that Mianyang has taken the lead in entering the era of high-speed rail in the whole province, realizing the rapid and direct high-speed railway to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an and other important surrounding cities, further meeting the basic travel needs of the city's masses.
In terms of plane,there are 43 navigable cities in Mianyang Airport, 55 routes have been opened, and more than 100000 kilometers of "Sky Road" has been built in the air. The construction of terminal T2 was successfully started; the construction of Beichuan general airport was started; the site selection of Jiangyou and Santai general airports was being planned
From the underground to the blue sky, from the highway to the railway, from the city to the countryside, one rainbow stretches across the sky. Now, Mianyang has initially formed a comprehensive transportation system integrating "railway, highway and plane". A three-dimensional transportation network is becoming more and more dense, which has gained a sense of the people's full of gain, and also provides a strong transportation guarantee for the economic and social development of Mianyang.
In October 2015, the municipal party committee and the municipal government made a decision to carry out the "three in one" comprehensive transportation system construction of highways, railways and aviation, and planned to form a modern three-dimensional transportation skeleton network with moderate advance, supporting functions, safety and efficiency, and extending in all directions through the five-year battle to build the western region comprehensive transportation hub. By the end of December 2020, the city's accumulated transportation construction investment will reach 74 billion yuan, 1.7 times of the total investment during the 12th Five Year Plan period.
Mianyang strengthens four direction development, synchronous development of "railway,highway and plane" to build a three-dimensional open channel.
In the past, the journey in the mountains is very slow; today, it is not difficult to drive thousands of miles in one day.
"It used to take 14 hours by train from Mianyang to Xi'an, but now it takes only three hours by high-speed rail and one hour by plane." Chen Xiling, who commutes between Xi'an and Mianyang for many years, sighs: "one day can achieve a round trip. That's pretty good!"
The traffic is unimpeded. The road network, railway lines and aviation bridges have made the trip without plan a reality. Mianyang's highways,railways and planes have greatly facilitated people's access to Mianyang and leaving from Mianyang.
Mianyang's traffic development should be "four-way expansion", among which the South orientation is to strengthen the traffic links with Chengdu and speed up the construction of G5 Chengdu Mianyang expansion project with two-way eight lanes. To enhance the eastward direction is to strengthen the traffic links with Chongqing and Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone. Mianyang Xi'an expressway was completed and opened to traffic on December 30, 2018. Zhongsui expressway and Miancang expressway are busy with construction. To expand the northward direction is to increase the number of channels leading to the north and northwest through Shaanxi and Gansu. The construction of Jiulong Mianyang expressway is speeding up. Since its construction, the accumulative investment has reached 17 billion yuan, accounting for 54% of the total investment. The construction of Guangping expressway is speeding up. Since its commencement, the total investment has reached 1.8 billion yuan, accounting for 57% of the total investment. Mianyang actively promotes the expansion of G5 Mianyang Guangzhou, and has signed the investment agreement on November 20, 2020. To open up the west direction is to make up for the short board of traffic in the west direction. At present, Maoxian Yanting expressway has been included in the provincial highway network planning. Since the 13th Five Year Plan, Mianyang has promoted the construction of seven expressways with a total mileage of 452km and a total investment of 61.5 billion yuan. Among them, one expressway has been built, with a total length of 94 km; five expressways under construction are 314 km; and one expressway is about to start, totaling 44 km.
In terms of railway transportation, the completion and opening of Xi'an-Chengdu High-speed Railway in 2017 marks that our city has taken the lead in entering the era of high-speed rail in the whole province, realizing fast and direct high-speed rail to important cities around Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an, which further meets the basic travel needs of the people in Mianyang. Mianyang has 264 km of existing railway (121 km of high-speed railway), of which, Xi'an-Chengdu High-speed Railway was opened to operation on December 6, 2017, with four stations in Mianyang. By the end of 2019, the Chengdu Mianyang Leshan high speed railway, which has been open for five years, will start from the Chengdu Mianyang EMU section with 100 round trips per day. At present, there are Chengdu Lanzhou Railway with a design speed of 200 km / h in Mianyang, including 33 km in Mianyang, which is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2022; the proposed Mianyang Suining inner railway is 120.85 km in Mianyang. By 2025, Mianyang railway network planning will reach 411 km and 670 km by 2035.
In terms of civil aviation transportation, the construction of terminal T2 of Nanjiao airport was successfully started, the construction of new cross-border roads, freight complex building and the purchase of safety facilities and equipment were basically completed and put into use. The infrastructure such as terminal building transformation and apron expansion continued to improve the reception capacity of passenger and freight flights; the construction of Beichuan general airport was started, and Jiangyou and Santai general airports were planning to select sites, and the project would be improved after completion. For business travel, low altitude tourism, aircraft assembly and flight test and other special services, the air transport system is further improved.
The achievement of connectivity and the strong driving force of highway construction creat a new pattern of internal smooth flow.
"With the opening of Mianxi expressway, my son's work and life are more convenient! It has become a reality that my son "often goes home to have a look." Recently, Wang Qizhang, a villager in Dongyong village, Yunxi Town, Yanting County, saw that the staff of Mianxi expressway came to visit. He held the staff's hand tightly for a long time.
Wang Qizhang is 74 years old. His son, Wang Wei, is a doctor in a hospital in Yanting County. In July 2018, Wang Wei was sent to Mianyang 404 hospital for further study. "In the past, it took an hour and a half to get from Yanting to Mianyang City, and each round trip took a lot of time," Wang said. The completion and opening of Mianyang Xi'an expressway greatly shortens the distance. It only takes 42 minutes to drive from Yanting to Mianyang, which is very convenient! "
In the new regional development pattern of "one core, two wings and three districts coordination", as an important link of regional interconnection, Mianyang ordinary highway construction has taken a new step with bright spots.
It is an important part of regional coordinated development to open up county trunk highway channels. The reconstruction project of Mianyang ring road of 205 provincial highway under construction is an example. The project connects Jiangyou, Youxian and Santai counties (cities and districts), with a total length of more than 60 km. It is constructed according to the first-class highway standard. After the whole line is opened to traffic, the traffic conditions on the East Bank of Fujiang River in Mianyang will be effectively improved. According to statistics, 31 national and provincial trunk highway projects connecting counties have been completed, with a total mileage of 621 km. At the same time, a large number of project planning reserves will be launched and implemented as planned.
Regional coordinated development is inseparable from the rural highway "capillary" encryption. With the implementation of the strategy of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, Mianyang takes the construction of "four good rural roads" as the starting point, and focuses on the broken roads, networking roads, tourism roads, industrial roads and resource roads. The depth and coverage of rural roads are constantly expanding, and people's travel and agricultural products transportation are more convenient. The rapid rise and growth of "farm entertainment" and "rural tourism" have made rural roads become agriculture,which is an important booster for development and increasing farmers' income. The tourism line in the north of Jiangyou City, represented by Hou (BA) Liuhe Road, not only benefits more than 7800 poor mountain population, but also promotes the development of high mountain vegetable planting, breeding, Chinese herbal medicine industry, pyrite and other industries in Yanmen mountain area, but also connects Qinglinkou ancient town, Yangma gorge, Qinglong gorge and other scenic spots, which plays an important role in industrial development and economic and social development. At the same time, it has become a good link for the development of rural tourism.
Behind the smooth interior is the "top-level design" of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. Since the battle of transportation construction, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have successively formulated and issued the implementation opinions on promoting the coordinated development of the construction, management, maintenance and transportation of ordinary national and provincial roads. On the one hand, it promotes the establishment and improvement of the development system and mechanism of ordinary highways, and on the other hand, it focuses on the implementation of "real stuff" such as capital support, such as the formulation of "four six development" and "four six development" subsidies for major and medium-sized maintenance projects of national and provincial trunk lines. Since the meeting,more than 240 million yuan has been invested in the demonstration and incentive policy of "four good rural roads", and the municipal financial support for county highway development has been greatly enhanced.
Thanks to the rapid development of the city's internal and external links,in recent years, 303 major industrial projects with a total of more than 500 million yuan have been introduced. The smooth traffic pattern is injecting continuous development momentum into the city's economic and social development, and providing a strong driving force for speeding up the construction of China's Science and Technology city and a strong modern city in the western region.
Covering urban and rural areas, the public transport has done well and promotes the integration of transportation
"Here comes the bus!" At the entrance of Baoshan Village, Yanquan Town, Youxian District, more than 70 kilometers away from Mianyang, Huang Le'an, a villager, looks forward to it. In the distance, a rural passenger bus head-on. "I'm 81 years old, but I didn't expect that we could get a bus in this corner of the mountain, so it's very convenient to go to the city to sell some agricultural and sideline products!" Huang Le'an, an old man in the bus, couldn't help laughing.
Public transportation benefits the people and the masses praise it. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, our city vigorously promotes the equalization of urban and rural transportation services and thoroughly implements the strategy of public transport priority development. Fucheng District is included in the first batch of demonstration counties of urban and rural transportation integration of the Ministry of transport. Youxian District has achieved full coverage of public transport, and the integration of Anzhou District and MianyCity has made a substantial breakthrough. Nowadays, in Mianyang , new buses shuttle back and forth. The "two card + five yard" bus is fully paid and convenient to take the bus. The construction of bus hub and station is progressing steadily, bearing the full sense of happiness of public transportation. In rural areas, cement road is directly connected to the door, and the road to wealth is also opened. The road network system covering urban and rural areas makes the travel environment more and more convenient.
In addition, Mianyang has continuously improved the collection and distribution system of Mianyang railway station integrated passenger transport hub, unblocked the convenient transfer of passengers inside and outside the city, promoted the information interconnection of passenger joint transportation and different transportation modes, and made breakthroughs in passenger transport "one ticket system" and "one network" of information. Actively develop the "rail public aircraft" multimodal transport, drop and pull transport, promote the construction of Mianyang station Nanjiao airport multimodal transport demonstration project, improve the efficiency of air rail intermodal transport; vigorously promote the freight "one single system" and provincial network platform road freight enterprise pilot, successfully applied for one ministry level pilot enterprise and two provincial pilot enterprises. The "through train" has been opened for certificate application. It is the first time for transportation management departments to directly handle the "Network Booking Taxi Transport Certificate" to vehicle owners in prefecture level cities of the province. At present, 4417 road transport certificates and 21313 employment qualification certificates have been obtained, ranking the second in the province.
We will continue to promote the orderly development of customized passenger transport. At present, customized passenger lines between Mianyang and Chengdu and customized passenger lines between Mianyang and Jiangyou, Santai, Yanting, Zitong and Pingwu counties have been opened, with a total of 277 vehicles. Based on the first batch of pilot projects in Anzhou District and Jiangyou City, we will actively promote the implementation of "Jintong project" for rural passenger transport, strive to provide more quality, convenient and comfortable travel services for the masses, and promote the construction of county and township comprehensive transportation service stations. We will integrate transportation, tourism, postal express delivery, e-commerce logistics and other resources, coordinate the integrated development of transportation + tourism + post + express + e-commerce industry chain, gradually build a county, township and village three-level logistics system, and open up two-way channels for urban and rural logistics transportation.

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