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Yuan Fang Supervised the Assault Fortified Position Campaign for Key Projects of Traffic Construction

2020-06-06 20:56
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On the afternoon of May 25, Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, went to Youxian, Jiangyou to supervise the promotion and inspection of production safety in assault fortified position campaign for key projects of the traffic construction. He stressed that we need to adhere to the same goals and tasks, to speed up the progress of construction. Holding fast to the bottom line of safety, we will push on the campaign for traffic construction with high standards and quality to lay a solid foundation for the accomplishment of the tasks of economic and social development throughout the year.
In the construction site of Jiumian High Speed Project in Donglin Township, Youxian District, the scene where the engineering vehicle shuttles back and forth, and the construction personnel work hard with unceasing perspiration is busy. How is the construction going? What are the difficulties and problems? …… Yuan Fang listened to the progress of the project report, the problems of coordinated solution to the gas pipeline relocation, and electricity safeguard. He underlined that the Jiumian high-speed project is of great significance in promoting Mianyang’s opening to the outside world and driving the economic development along the route. The relevant parties should strengthen coordination and linkage, and make every effort to tackle the problems existing in the process of promoting the project with meticulous organization and implementation. Meanwhile, they also should speed up the progress of the project construction under the premise of guaranteed quality and safety, ensuring that the construction task is completed on schedule with high quality.
Provincial Road 205 Line project that is around Mianyang is a provincial and municipal key projects. Designed in accordance with the first class highway technical standard, the mileage is 75 km. Yuan Fang came to the project construction site of Longfeng Town section of Jiangyou to acquire the information about the progress of the project construction on the spot. Yuan Fang thought of that the subgrade works had been completed and the pavement works were being accelerated. He noted that we need to take a highly responsible attitude to do a good job in project construction, quality and safety, to enhance safety supervision and hidden trouble investigation. With guaranteed quality, quantity and progress, we will strive for the early completion and opening of the project to traffic, and benefit the masses and service development at an early date.
In the supervision, Yuan Fang stressed that transportation is the lifeblood of economic development and the guarantee of livelihood improvement. At present, the flood season has come, and the construction of traffic projects is confronted with more challenges. We must persist in the constant investment objectives and tasks, and do our utmost to speed up the expansion of the three high-speed projects of Jiumian, Mian Cang, G5 Chengmian and the logistics base of Chenglan Railway and Zao Jiaopu Railway, as well as the construction of "railway, highway and aircraft" projects such as the T2 terminal and Beichuan General Airport, so as to lay a solid foundation for the completion of the economic and social development objectives for the whole year. We must admeasure entity responsibility, further augment the construction organization and management, optimize the construction plan, scientifically deploy the strength, and make clear the timetable, road map and responsible person. Setting project schedule in reversed order(the completion time of the project is determined firstly, then the accomplishment time of each stage is worked out forward according to the construction process, so as to facilitate supervision and inspection and ensure that the project is completed within the schedule time) and finishing the project in accordance with plan, schedule, and requirement, we will try our best to overcome difficulties, strive to form more investment and physical workload, and work hard to exceed this year's traffic target task. It is necessary for us to give priority to safety production, tighten the string of safety production at all times, to allocate the entity responsibility of the main industrial unit and the supervision responsibility of the competent department of the industry, and to carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of the safety hidden dangers of projects under construction in the traffic and other fields of Mianyang, ensuring that safety measures are implemented in every section and post, and resolutely preventing serious and grave production safety accidents. It is necessary for us to focus on the coordination service and organization and promotion of key projects in the whole process and in all aspects, strengthen the guarantee of elements, work connection, coordination and cooperation around the key segment of land, capital, quality, etc. We will strive for help from higher authorities, continuously optimize the government affairs environment, solve the highlighting issues encountered in the construction process, and create a good environment for the project construction.
Wu Mingyu, secretary general of the Mianyang Municipal Government, took part in the supervision.

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