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Transportation Management Department of Transportation Bureau Actively Carried out Various Work of Spring Festival Transportation

2020-01-23 18:44
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From January 10, 2020 to February 18, 2020, in order to ensure the safety, order and stability of the Spring Festival, the city's transport and administration system has been actively engaged in various work of the Spring Festival.
First, relevant work was arranged in advance. Before the beginning of the Spring Festival transportation, Youxian District, Pingwu County, Zitong County, Jiangyou and other transportation management offices held the 2020 annual road transportation safety work conference, which called on the passenger and freight transportation enterprises and passenger stations in their respective areas to put forward specific requirements for the organization, safety production and standardized operation of the Spring Festival transportation. Some counties and cities coordinated the local police station, police patrol, street community, transportation enterprise and bus station, held the Spring Festival launch ceremony and publicity activities. Before the Spring Festival transportation, Pingwu County actively carried out publicity and education covering all enterprises, and carried out road transportation supervision and patrol work.
Second, on the first day of the Spring Festival, we earnestly carried out supervision and inspection of the Spring Festival. Liu Song, deputy director of the transportation management department of the Bureau, led the staff of the passenger transport section of the office to supervise the preparation of Spring Festival transportation, online ticket sales, migrant workers' transportation, spring transportation arrangement, "three objects", "three non entry and five non exit" and civilized service of all stations in Mianyang. At the same time, the stations actively carried out a series of activities such as "caring for the whole journey" and youth volunteer service. The online ticketing and publicity, automatic ticketing machines were obviously located, and the Spring Festival was well prepared.
Third, special services for migrant workers have been carried out. Each station has set up a ticket selling window for migrant workers to return home safely. Fucheng District Transportation Management Office and Yanting County Transportation Management Office jointly carry out the theme activity of "ICBC love car, warm home road" and open a special train for migrant workers. From January 13 to 19, 2020, they will provide free bus service from Mianyang to Yanting for migrant workers in Yanting County.
On January 11, CCTV's Focus Interview program broadcast the long-distance overcharging bus, exposing various violations of the Rest Service Station on the way of super long passenger transport. The transportation administration system of the whole city took immediate action to urge the managers and drivers of the operation enterprises with super long passenger lines in the area under jurisdiction to watch it intensively, carry out full coverage warning education, carry out self-examination against the problems exposed in the program, and require the front-line drivers to make a commitment to operate in good faith and in accordance with the law. At the same time, the supervision and control of long-distance passenger transport has been strengthened, violations such as speeding, overloading, fatigue driving, non-compliance with regulations, false connection and other violations, as well as violations of passengers' legitimate rights and interests, and similar situations exposed in the program and serious safety related behaviors have been resolutely eliminated. Once violations are found, they will be dealt with seriously, and the qualification of Spring Festival transport will be canceled.

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