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“A Tale of Two Cities”: Cooperation between Mianyang and Beibei That Integrate Culture into Tourism

2020-12-17 08:36
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On December 2, 2020 Li Bai Hometown Culture Tourism Festival Press Release and Promotion Conference was held in Beibei District, Chongqing. Sichuan and Chongqing are a family who share close friendship. This is just another collaboration between the CP Mianyang and Beibei.
The construction of Bashu cultural tourism corridor is a significant carrier for the implementation of the strategy of double-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area and an indispensable link for the building of economic circle. Just like binary stars, Mianyang and Beibei both are starting points who work together and expand outwards in Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. The two places share similarities and characteristic advantages in resource endowment, historical origin and cultural industry development, which has a good foundation and broad prospects for the coordinated development of cultural tourism. Making good use of these advantages, Mianyang and Beibei fuse tourism with culture to develop “ A Tale of Two Cities” .
With the timeline approaching to the end of the year, looking back at the special year, 2020,  what did Mianyang and Beibei do for the integration of cultural and tourism?
Human culture exchanges between the two cities
"I live at the head of the river, you live at the end of it ", since ancient times, Mianyang and Beibei’s geographical position is close, and the relationship between people is intimate. The two cities both owning deepseated cultural resources not only interlace in Bashu culture, but also come down in one continuous line. Mianyang smritis thousand years of cultural deposits of Mianzhou, with Lei Zu culture, Wenchang culture, Li Bai poetry culture, Tibetan and Qiang national culture from generation to generation. Beibei, as the core part of the integration and development of Chengdu-Chongqing cultural tourism, has significant traffic location advantages, and is also a collection of classic culture of Bashu.
Mianyang and Beibei share complementary advantages in cultural resources. The two cities have carried out several cooperation in the integration of culture and tourism. On 21 May this year, Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Beibei District Cultural and Tourism Commission signed culture and tourism integration development cooperation agreement that jointly promote the development of cultural tourism between the two places from the establishment of work liaison and interaction, public cultural services co-construction and sharing and other five mechanisms. The agreement specified 26 specific cooperation matters that will be implemented orderly by the departments in charge of travel. On 27 May, cultural centers in the two places  signed Cooperation Agreement for Mianyang and Beibei Cultural Centers Alliance. On 10 June, the libraries in the two places signed Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement for Libraries in Mianyang and Beibei.
If Beibei District Art Museum Collection of 20th Century Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Works Exhibition held on May 21 in Mianyang officially launched the series of cooperation between the two sides. This year, cultural centers, libraries, art galleries, sports centers in Mianyang and Beibei have held dozens of activities. And  the exchange of documents and other activities boosted by libraries of the two sides build a bridge between the two places.
At the same time, focusing on the training of cultural talents, based on the long-term development of regional culture, the two places established cultural talent information resources, planning to incorporate the training of cultural and travel cadres into the overall plan of cadre training in the two places and jointly train professionals in the region. At present, the two cities are preparing cultural research travel products to guide teenagers into historical and cultural attractions, and cultural sites to understand traditional culture and inherit excellent culture.
Transportation and business exchanges between the two cities
Across the Chuanjiang Haozi era of the boat swing of, people in the two cities can go to each other’s city with a high-speed rail ticket in less than two hours Today's Mianyang and Beibei, has long been a tourist destination for tourists. Since July this year, the two places have set up the "visiting relatives" mode, launched the first group of tourism, jointly organized the two places cultural tourism talent, media reporters, travel agency, the main two-way communication activities, to come true the dream of integration, and to achieve more meaningful" poetry and distance ".
The integration of culture and tourism is dependent on market forces, conversely, integration development can also promote the prosperity of cultural tourism market in  the two cities. Beibei District Culture and Tourism Commission issued a policy in September this year, which provides a new industrial policy idea for the integration and development of cultural tourism industry between the two places. Cultural and creative product project issued jointly by the two cities has been started, and more than 100 outstanding Beibei element works has been collected at the 2020 Tianfu Cultural and Creative Design Competition Beibei theme collection activity. At present, linking to Mianyang 126 cultural and creative brand, cultivating high-quality cultural and creative product IP and its products, Beibei District plans to introduce a number of scientific and technological projects to create innovation ecological circle around colleges and universities in Mianyang and Beibei….
The two places are studying and implementing the long-term mechanism of marketing cooperation, preparing for roadshow promotion meeting, to facilitate business exchanges and new media publicity cooperation. In 2020 Li Bai Hometown Culture Tourism Festival and other important festival activities, Beibei designated as the main guest city, Mianyang invited it to carry out online and offline tourism publicity, to deepen Mianyang's urban brand influence.
Stand high and scheme further to boost the development of “A Tale of Two Cities”
This year, Mianyang and Beibei CP have launched several cooperation in the cultural tourism circle, which benefit not only netizens, but also the two cities. In the future, how to continue cultural tourism integration?
Integrating the brand image of Chengdu-Chongqing travel is the primary work. Relying on pleasant and easy Sichuan and Chongqing’s China's first choice of world-class landscape tourism city and other tourism regional images, the two cities will launch "Bashan Shu Shui "product brand to create cross-regional product system. Secondly, the unified 144-hour transit visa-free policy is being implemented, forming 13 port airports, including Chongqing, Chengdu and so on. In the future, through the tourism marketing mutual promotion, the development of Chengdu-Chongqing tourism card and other ways, the two cities will guide the residents of the two places to visit each other’s city. The two cities will integrate destination marketing force, jointly carry out tourism market research, and package and launch Chengdu-Chongqing tourism line products.
In addition, the two places will break down the industrial factor flow barrier in the policy. Chengdu and Chongqing will treat each other tourism enterprises and service personnel and other corresponding subsidies, incentives and other policies with unified standards. They will allow professional tourism enterprises to operate cross-regionally, explore cultural tourism enclave economy model based on the advantages of both sides. Governments in the two cities will admit social insurance and income tax paid by cultural tourism enterprises employees to provide more convenient services for the free settlement of personnel in the two places. Meanwhile, land used for cultural tourism, corporate equity listing transactions are permitted in each other’s city. They jointly launched the establishment of Chengdu-Chongqing tourism industry development fund. Financial enterprises are encouraged to provide financing support for large-scale projects of cross-regional tourism; financial institutions are encouraged to carry out project loans and joint loan services covering the region; and cultural tourism enterprises of financial institutions in both places are allowed to grant credit to loan that is convenient to use in Chengdu-Chongqing area.

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