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Five Units in Mianyang were Selected as the Pilot Project of National Forest Rehabilitation Base Construction

2020-12-02 20:23
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A few days ago, the reporter learned from the municipal forestry bureau that recently, the China Forestry Industry Federation announced the list of the Sixth Batch of pilot construction units of National Forest Rehabilitation base, of which 5 units in Mianyang were selected.
According to the list released this time, Pingwu County will be the pilot construction county of National Forest Rehabilitation base in 2020.Four units, namely douyanshan forest health care base in Jiangyou City, Helin oasis forest health care base in Youxian District, Fuyun mountain forest health care base in Pingwu County, and Huisen forest health maintenance base in Anzhou District, are the four pilot construction units of National Forest Rehabilitation base.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, in recent years, Mianyang has firmly established the concept of "lucid water and lush mountain are invaluable assets", and has made accurate efforts in protecting forest resources with an iron fist, scientifically planning functional layout, promoting ecological environmental protection projects, and vigorously improving the quality of tourism, so as to promote the benign integration of tourism development and ecological protection.After exploration in recent years, Mianyang has built 48 forest health care bases, including 8 national level, 23 provincial level and 17 municipal level; 84 forest health care families, including 36 at provincial level and 48 at city level, are gradually forming.The pilot construction units of the selected health care base are all excellent "punch in places" for tourism and health care, with a high popularity index of internet celebrities.

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