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Here Comes Mianyang Beichuan Wildlife Park

2020-12-02 20:20
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Simple and honest elephant, romantic flamingo, king of beasts---Tiger. These animals are expected to be seen in Mianyang Chuanbei wildlife park in Xiaojian Town, Youxian District, in May next year.
"We plan to build the largest zoo and entertainment complex in northern Sichuan." According to the relevant person in charge of the North Sichuan wildlife park, the total planned investment of the project is about 1 billion yuan, covering an area of 1150 mu. It is located in Xiaojian Town, Youxian District, about 5 kilometers away from the urban area, and close to fuleshan park.
The wildlife park in northern Sichuan includes tourist distribution center, small commercial street, square, parking area, office, indoor comprehensive exhibition hall, children's Park, various animal pens, integrated sewage treatment system and corresponding supporting facilities in the park. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase is pedestrian area, including discovery Island (entrance), water exploration area, aquarium, waterfront restaurant, Mengchong area, national treasure garden, fantasy forest and other areas. The second phase is vehicle area, including Raptor cage, beast area, African herbivore area, Asian grass eating area, etc.
The project plans to build national treasure house, elephant Pavilion, giraffe Pavilion, crocodile Pavilion, northeast tiger Pavilion, bear lion wolf dog Pavilion, rhinoceros Pavilion, African rare animal museum, primate hall, amphibian and reptile Museum, flamingo Pavilion, parrot bird corridor, marine animal museum, animal canteen, animal hospital and other venues and facilities will be built. After completion, 130 animal species will be introduced There are more than 1500 species.
"The Wildlife Park focuses on creating an entertainment complex, focusing on building a comprehensive tourist resort integrating human and animal interaction areas, small commercial streets, large amusement parks and waterfront accommodation." The person in charge said that the first phase of the project has started construction and is expected to open to tourists in May next year. After the completion of phase I and phase II of the project, it is expected to receive 800000 tourists and provide about 300 direct employment posts throughout the year. Meanwhile, it can actively promote the development of the surrounding planting and breeding industry and service industry, and enrich the tourism industry.
It is reported that Mianyang North Sichuan wildlife park takes Mianyang as the center, radiating Deyang, Guangyuan, Suining, Nanchong and other surrounding cities. After completion, it will be a popular science base for primary and secondary school students in the surrounding areas, and also a good place for people in northern Sichuan to enjoy animals and have leisure and entertainment.

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