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Deep Integration of Culture and Tourism Ignites New "Power" of High Quality Development

2020-09-25 10:31
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Recently, in the list announced by the provincial cultural and tourism industry leading group office, Beichuan plans to name "the second batch of Tianfu famous tourism counties", and Jiangyou will fill in the "candidate counties of the second batch of Tianfu tourism counties".This is Mianyang, in accordance with the Implementation 0pinions on Vigorously Developing Cultural Tourism Economy and Accelerating the Construction of a Strong City with Culture, has made great efforts to build a new layout of cultural tourism economy development of "one core hub, three excellent lines and a whole area tourism demonstration zone", promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism industry, vigorously cultivating cultural tourism economy, and focusing on the new breakthroughs made in various construction work .
Rich cultural resources and convenient transportation advantages have attracted many large-scale cultural and tourism projects to settle down in Mianyang.On July 18, Fangte Oriental painting garden opened to welcome tourists from all over the world.The construction of three research and learning campsites (Three-line Museum and Aerospace Science and Technology Museum) of Fujiang beautiful island, Furong Huaxi and Liangtan city is under construction.To grasp the project is to grasp the "key point" of promoting cultural and tourism economic development.Mianyang makes great efforts. Since this year, we have focused on the mid-term evaluation and final acceptance of special funded projects in 2018 and 2019, and have done a good job in tracking 63 key cultural and tourism projects. Among them, 159 industrial projects with a total investment of 152.039 billion yuan, 52 infrastructure projects with a total investment of 85.902 billion yuan, and 20 public service projects with a total investment of 2.671 billion yuan.
Improving the quality of scenic spots and constantly stimulating new vitality of cultural and tourism market.Mianyang has set up a tourism resources planning and development quality evaluation committee, focusing on the evaluation and creation of A-level scenic spots, and printing and distributing the Work Procedures for the Quality Grade Assessment of National 3A and Below Tourist Attractions in Mianyang.Zitong Liangtan city scenic area has been successfully established as the 31st 4A scenic spot in the city. Anzhou Baishui Lake Scenic Area and Pingwu Pingtong impression Meilin scenic area have passed the 4A level scenic spot landscape quality evaluation in 2020. Pingwu Laohegou scenic area, Beichuan Feihong grass skiing scene area and Zitong Wenchang art town scenic spot have passed the 3A level scenic spot landscape quality evaluation.
To boost the vigorous development of rural tourism.We have established a database of key rural tourism projects in Mianyang, and worked out the Financial Service Plan for Supporting Rural Tourism Development in Mianyang together with Mianyang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China.At present, there are 26 key rural tourism projects under construction in the city, with a project fund of 36.89 billion yuan.Five villages, including Yangjia community in Yangjia Town, Fucheng District, Qinglongxia village, Yanmen Town, Jiangyou City, Shiyi village, Qushan Town, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Yazhe Zaozu village, and Pingtong Town, Weigan village, Baima Tibetan Township, Pingwu County have successfully established provincial key rural tourism villages. Among them, Yangjia community has been listed in the recommended list of national key rural tourism villages."Xinyi town" in Guixi, Beichuan, the "two bombs and one star" town in Zitong, and Yangjia town in Fucheng have applied for the establishment of the second batch of characteristic towns for cultural tourism, among which "Xinyi town" has passed the provincial preliminary evaluation.
Do a good job in regional exchanges and cooperation, and devote to the development of cultural and creative products.Mianyang and Beibei Cultural Tourism Commission of Chongqing signed a cooperation agreement on integration of culture and tourism, and made great efforts to realize the linkage of the work mechanism, talent interaction, cultural tourism integration, platform sharing and complementary advantages.At the same time, we jointly organized a series of activities of Tianfu cultural and creative design competition 2020 with Beibei District of Chongqing, including design competition, excellent works exhibition, Tianfu cultural and creative summit forum, award ceremony and construction of Tianfu cultural and creative museum.At present, we have completed the formulation of the activity plan, will sign the service agreement, and release the design competition works collection announcement.
Promote cultural and tourism consumption. This year, in novel coronavirus pneumonia, Mianyang's tourism department jointly worked out a series of "combination boxing" to promote the consumption of Wen brigade consumption.As of June 30, 216 cultural and tourism enterprises, 32 key continued projects and 14 new projects have all resumed their work and production.Since its launch in April, more than 600000 consumer coupons have been issued, attracting 2.05 million people to participate in the "Happy Shopping in Spring " promotion campaign jointly launched by the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce."Attracting tourists into Mianyang" has achieved initial results. During the Tomb Seeping Day, the total number of tourists and ticket income of A-level scenic spots in the city exceeded the average level of the whole province. the two indicators of "May Day" holiday were 50% of the same period last year.
The marketing and promotion should adjust the direction in time, do the tourism within the province and local tourism, actively and steadily cross provincial tourism, and the overall market situation of "returning to normal level" is significant.As of June 30, the total number of visitors was 32077, including 29 scenic spots of "explaining Mianyang", "51 scenic spots of seeking Mianyang" and 29 scenic spots of "Huiyou Mianyang".According to the seasonal festivals, the Tomb Seeping Day collection of "comfortable Sichuan · returning to Mianyang in spring", the labor day collection of "comfortable Sichuan · countryside meeting Mianyang", and the Dragon Boat Festival collection of "comfortable walking in Mianyang· releasing zongzi for a summer" were carried out.

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