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Liu Chao Presides over a Special Conference to Further Promote the Development of Cultural Tourism

2020-04-23 21:38
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The meeting listened to the report on the special planning of Jiangyou's construction of the hub cultural tourism development base, the preparation of the plan for the construction and upgrading of Mianyang's cultural tourism high-quality lines, and studied the relevant issues of Qiqushan scenic area's establishment of a national 5A level tourist attraction.
Liu Chao pointed out that culture and tourism coexist, culture is the soul, tourism is the body, culture endows tourism with humanistic connotation, and tourism promotes the wide spread of culture. The CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the development of culture and tourism, and have issued a series of policies and measures. The mutual promotion and integration of cultural tourism ushered in a historical golden development period. The development of culture and tourism economy is not only the trend of the times, but also the strategic task we must attach great importance to. We should strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, further strengthen our confidence and determination, overcome difficulties and do solid work, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of cultural tourism industry; we should accelerate the transformation of cultural and tourism resource advantages into development advantages, and strive to create a new situation for the development of cultural tourism economy in Mianyang.
Liu Chao stressed that we should adhere to the guidance of planning, closely focus on the new layout of Mianyang's cultural and tourism economic development of "one core hub, three boutique routes and the whole region's tourism demonstration area", use the core hub to lead the boutique routes, use the boutique routes to drive the whole region's tourism; formulate the development planning of cultural tourism with high standards, build the boutique routes of cultural tourism at a high level, and enrich tourists from the perspective of tourists experience, further optimize and improve the special planning of Jiangyou to build a hub cultural tourism development base, and the construction and upgrading plan of Mianyang cultural tourism boutique line; highlight features, create highlights, and form selling points, effectively integrate, present and promote the unique beauty of natural landscape, history and culture, local customs and practices, and the beauty of national defense science and engineering, so as to ensure tourists can be brought in, kept, and scattered. We should focus on project promotion, adhere to the market demand orientation, make the integration of culture and tourism development ideas and layout concrete and project-based, make scientific layout and accelerate the implementation of a number of hotels, parking lots, tourist centers and other projects; focus on the construction of Jiangyou as a hub cultural tourism development base, with the core of Mianyang Huaxia Historical and Cultural Technology Industrial Park, Libai Cultural Industrial Park, Qinglian culture and tourism characteristic town, etc., relying on the construction of the project, give full play to the leading role of the project, form the strategic fulcrum of culture and tourism in Mianyang, radiate and driving the development and expansion of cultural tourism in Mianyang; focus on the construction of Libai culture, Baimaxiqiang culture, and "three line memory" cultural tourism boutique lines, adapting to the needs of different levels of culture and tourism, combining "eating, living, traveling, shopping, entertainment" with "business, maintenance, learning, leisure, feeling and wonder" to create a group of resistible boutique diet brands, tempting classic arts programs, enticing entertainment products and beguiling creative products, to further enhance Mianyang's cultural influence, tourism attraction, cultural tourism supply and cultural tourism competitiveness.
Liu Chao pointed out that the national 5A-level scenic spot is a gold signboard widely recognized by the masses and deeply recognized by the market when he studied the relevant issues of Qiqushan scenic spot in establishing the national 5A-level scenic spot. Qiqushan scenic spot is a national 5A-level scenic spot, which plays an important exemplary role in promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism economy in Mianyang. The concerning departments of Zitong County and municipal level should strengthen the organization and leadership, attach importance to the establishment of Qiqushan scenic area as a national 5A-level tourist attraction, improve the working mechanism, clarify the division of responsibilities, compact the responsibility, coordinate and promote the linkage, ensure that the creation work is responsible and implemented at the grass-roots level, and achieve results; guided by the satisfaction of tourists, improve the service standards, strengthen the training of practitioners, improve the service quality of tour guides, and improve the experience, sense of gain and satisfaction rate of tourists. We need to tap the cultural connotation, take the opportunity of building a national 5A level tourist attraction, deeply explore the historical and cultural resources such as Wenchang culture and Three Kingdoms culture, tell the historical and cultural stories excellently, enhance the attraction of the scenic spot, promote the interaction between economy and culture, complement each other, and better meet the growing needs of the people for culture and tourism.
City leaders Zhang Xuemin, Ding Guoqi, Luo Meng and others attended the meeting.

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