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Mianyang Traffic Quality Supervision Station Organized and Held the Supervision and Disclosure Meeting

2020-12-02 20:21
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Recently, Mianyang traffic quality supervision station inspected the construction site of Beichuan earthquake site museum link highway project and Beichuan Yong'an bridge and baimayan bridge maintenance and reinforcement project, and organized and held a supervision and disclosure meeting. 
At the meeting, the supervision group publicized and implemented the spirit of the "six no's" of party conduct and clean government work, air pollution notification, investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards in highway and water transportation construction field of the whole province, and special action documents of "sticking to the red line of Highway Engineering quality and safety", and signed a clean government notification card and an air pollution prevention and control notification card with the construction, supervision and construction units. At the same time, Mianyang traffic quality supervision station made a detailed disclosure on the supervision focus, supervision mode and supervision sampling plan of the project, and required: first, the construction unit should strengthen the personnel performance management, ensure the main management personnel of the participating units to perform their duties, supervise the supervision and site laboratory to complete the filing work as soon as possible, and strengthen the on-site quality and safety control. Second, the supervision unit should earnestly perform the supervision responsibility, strengthen the side standing and inspection of key processes and important parts. Third, the testing unit should carry out the testing work scientifically, strictly and justly, so as to improve the timeliness, so as to guide the construction. Fourth, the construction unit should increase the investment in quality, safety and environmental protection, do a good job in winter construction guarantee measures, strictly control the quality, and carry out the related work of "investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards in the field of highway and water transportation construction in the whole province", and implement the environmental protection measures to avoid dust and water pollution. Fifthly, the project supervision group should strengthen the service to the units participating in the construction, carry out the supervision work well, and strengthen the anti-corruption supervision.

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