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Voluntary Service Activities of Civilized Persuasion Are Widely Carried out in Mianyang

2020-09-12 09:42
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To further promote the volunteer service spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress", and help the construction of a civilized city with practical actions. In recent days, Mianyang has extensively carried out volunteer service activities of civilized persuasion, giving full play to the important role of volunteers in leading the new trend of the times.
"Hello, please don't wait over the line!" "Hello, please wear safety helmet when riding motorcycle or electric vehicle!" During the rush hour, traffic flow and pedestrians are constantly coming and going at all important traffic intersections. Volunteers participate in civilized persuasion. They wear red vest or red sleeves. They use friendly smile and civilized words to express emotion, reason and patiently persuade the uncivilized traffic behaviors such as "pedestrians running red lights, crossing isolation facilities, not comity to zebra crossing, riding battery cars without helmets".
Smooth, civilized, harmonious and orderly road traffic environment is an important symbol to show the image of a city and improve the level and grade of city civilization. The reporter saw in the railway station square that volunteers at Mianyang's traffic gate dressed in uniform and exhorted the uncivilized traffic behaviors of pedestrians and taxis. When they met passengers in need of help, they immediately came forward to help. Their voluntary service behavior has also been recognized and supported by the masses, and everyone has said that they must abide by the traffic rules and travel in a civilized way.
"To carry out civilized persuasion volunteer service activities also aims to guide the general public to take positive actions, start from me and now, consciously form good habits, and actively participate in the construction of civilized cities, so that everyone can contribute to the work of civilization construction." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Civilization Office said that the main form of civilized voluntary service activities was voluntary service, and the main force was Party member volunteers, organ volunteers, youth volunteers and community volunteers.
According to reports, in the civilized persuasion volunteer service activities, volunteers will focus on the uncivilized behaviors existing in environmental sanitation, public order, community life, transportation, tourism order, medical order, dining order, etc., at traffic intersections, commercial streets, public squares, parks, scenic spots, public cultural facilities, agricultural trade (fair) markets, window units, and public transportation places such as stations, airports, railway stations, long-distance bus stations and hospitals have been extensively engaged in civilized persuasion activities.
If a volunteer is a trickle, then countless volunteers are a vast ocean. At present, there are 7,762 voluntary service organizations in Mianyang, with more than 896,000 registered volunteers. In order to further expand the coverage of voluntary service, Mianyang focuses on building a grid service system. On the basis of vigorously improving the mechanism of the volunteer service corps, Mianyang Municipal Volunteer Service Association has been established, and more than 300 volunteer service stations (stations) and volunteer service bases in public places have been established. There are 30 places and 14 volunteer service squares, realizing the effective docking of volunteers, service contents and service objects, and expanding the coverage and influence of voluntary service at the grass-roots level.
How to make volunteer service more grounded? The construction of the new era civilization practice center takes the county as a whole, takes the county, township (street) and village (community) as the unit, takes the voluntary service as the basic form, and takes the resource integration as the starting point to promote the construction of the new era civilization practice center to be grounded, energetic and sustainable. At present, there are 4 new era civilization practice centers, 75 practice centers, 895 practice stations and 515 practice points.

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