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ETC Channel Transformation of High-speed Toll Station in Mianyang Completed

2020-01-09 08:33
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At present, how about the transformation of ETC channel in our Mianyang? Recently, the reporter visited several toll stations in Mianyang and learned that only one manual and ETC mixed lane has been reserved in the ETC channel of all high-speed toll stations. Since 0:00 on January 1, the new standard of high-speed toll in Mianyang has been implemented.
According to the reporter in Mianyang South Expressway Development Co., Ltd., the transformation of ETC channel of 9 toll stations in Mianyang of Mianyang West expressway has been completed, and the national networking commissioning has been completed. "At present, 9 toll stations have been transformed and debugged and put into normal use." Staff introduction of charge operation office of Miannan Expressway Development Co., Ltd.
Later, the reporter came to Mianyang toll station of G5 Beijing Kunming Expressway, Mianyang South toll station and Songya toll station of Mianyang Suining expressway, and found that only one mixed lane of manual and etc was reserved. "At present, Mianyang toll station has 4 special etc lanes in total, and only one green lane is a mixed lane of manual and ETC." Deng Jun, head of Mianyang toll station of North Sichuan Expressway, said.
It is understood that according to the unified deployment arrangement of the province, at present, there is only one manual and etc mixed Lane left in all high-speed toll stations in Mianyang. By the middle of November 2019, the number of new ETC installations in Mianyang has reached more than 300000, ranking the top in the province.
In addition, the new high-speed charging standard of Sichuan Province has also attracted much attention. According to the decision of Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation on the Work plan for Adjusting the Charging Mode of Freight Cars of the Charged Expressway, the charging mode of freight cars will be changed from "weight charging" to "charging by vehicle type".
According to Deng Jun, in order to cooperate with the promotion and use of ETC and safeguard the interests of truck owners and freight enterprises, the new standard will be charged according to the model and axle. "In short, it's the same distance. We used to charge as much as we pulled tons, but now we charge as much as we can for several axles. As long as it's within the nuclear load range, no matter how much we pulled." Deng Jun said that the new charging method saves the tedious weighing of trucks, improves the traffic efficiency and saves the traffic cost of trucks, which is good news for truck owners.
However, it should be noted that trucks must be equipped with ETC equipment in order to enjoy the toll discount and benefits brought by the new standard. For trucks without ETC equipment, there is still a half-year policy buffer period, which will be implemented according to the previous truck charging standards.
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According to the new industry standard of toll road vehicle toll classification, freight cars are classified by total axle number, vehicle length and total weight. Among them, the two axle truck with a length of less than 6m and a total mass of less than 4.5t is a category 1 truck, and the truck with a length of more than 6m or a total mass of more than 4.5t is a category 2 truck; the three to six axle trucks are three categories, four categories, five categories and six categories respectively. Based on the current mode of "toll base price + bridge and tunnel surcharge", according to the principle of fee translation and one road and one price, each expressway section is charged by vehicle type: basic rate = total amount of weight receivable by vehicle type of the road section / total mileage of vehicle type of the road section; bridge and tunnel surcharge rate = total amount of weight receivable by vehicle type of the bridge and tunnel surcharge section / total mileage of vehicle type of the bridge and tunnel surcharge section.
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