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Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Transport: Do Practical Things and Seek Down-to-earth Results to Enhance the Happiness of the Masses

2019-11-07 16:52
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Mianyang News Network:Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Transport confronts problem and advances in the process of overcoming difficulties with the spirit and boldness of daring to suppose, to do, to be the first and starting off, trying, creating before the others. In the spirit of 'doing as soon as possible' and 'knocking in a nail', the Bureau also spares no effort to do things with all its heart and to carry everything out and to have results in everything. On November 1, the Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Transport solemnly promised to the whole society that they would not find a reason for doing nothing, but cast about doing things well. Strive to provide better service for the masses and enterprises with a brand-new image, cozy environment, perfect function, intense posture, the Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Transport has made earnest commitments that they will do better in the following five aspects: , more considerate service to the masses, more pragmatic service to enterprises, and more conscious service to the overall situation. "' Not finding a reason for doing nothing, but casting about doing things well '(is a spiritual shackles that need the vast number of party members and cadres to be its faithful believer and take the initiative to internalize it in the heart and externalize it in practice." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Transport said. How to make everything achievable and resultful? How to make the masses run at most once? The relevant responsible person of the Municipal Bureau of Transportation said: they would deeply promote the reform of "running at most once," that is, 100 percent of handling cases on the site and 100 percent of the time-limited completion for promised items, to make great efforts to realize the examination and approval of not face-to-face, and speed up the second phase application of the administrative examination and approval platform of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transport to come true more using data and less troubling the masses. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on the needs of the masses, to introduce the standardization of government services, civilized, enthusiastic and voluntary service, to resolutely put an end to prevarication and asking for benefits from the masses, to improve and perfect door-to-door services, agency services and green channel mechanisms for special groups such as the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled,  to provide reservation and delay services for the groups who need to work very early and be off duty very late,  to effectively enhance the sense of experience, sense of achievement, and happiness of the masses. The greatest truths are the simplest and it is the most important to do thing in a surefooted way. The Municipal Bureau of Transport will consciously put forward the distinctive characteristics of members and cadres who need to do thing in a surefooted way, be loath to lag behind and fight for the first, proposed by the Mianyang Municipal Standard Committee, with persevering and persistent actions. In the grand journey of promoting the whole city's assault fortified positions war on transport construction, striving to build a transportation power, Closely centering on the task lists article 33, 35 and 102, proposed by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal  Government with the aims of promoting the healthy development of the private economy, optimizing the business environment, the Municipal Bureau of Transport  optimize the business environment and support the division of labor plan for the development of the private economy and the 16 work measures to promote the reform of "simplifying the administration and decentralizing the power, combining the administration with the management, and optimizing the service" in 2019. The bureau keeps an eye on the time nodes, resolutely grasp the implementation of the work, promote the continuous optimization of the business environment in Mianyang, and contribute to speeding up the construction of China Science and Technology city and  modern and powerful city in the west.

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