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The First Meeting of Mianyang Investment Promotion Working Committee in 2019 is held

2019-06-14 10:17
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On June 3, Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of Mianyang municipal party committee and mayor, presided over the 1st meeting of Mianyang investment promotion working committee in 2019 to analyze the current situation of in vestment promotion and study and plan the next step. He stressed that relevant parties in Mianyang should further improve understanding, enhance confidence, continue working hard for a long time for success, and effectively ensure that the situation is clear, the thinking is clear, the direction is accurate, implementation is fast, environment is excellent, and work is seriously carried out, to promote investment promotion work to achieve new results and new breakthroughs.
Yuan Fang pointed out that, in recent years, Mianyang government insisted to take investment promotion as an important way to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, open wider to the outside world and stabilize economic growth, and introduced and implemented a number of major industrial projects with large investment scale, strong leadership and development quality and efficiency, providing a strong support for  economic and social development of high quality in Mianyang. He stressed that the current investment promotion work competition is increasingly fierce, so to achieve a new breakthrough, Mianyang government must always maintain a sense of crisis, take strong measures to solve prominent problems and constantly improve the level of investment promotion work, striving to seize the development opportunity and to win the initiative to develop.
Then, Yuan Fang stressed that to do a good job in investment promotion, government should actively adapt to new tasks and requirements, and accurately grasp new ideas and methods. The government will continue to attract large and strong projects, they will also develop both medium-sized and small projects as well at the same time, pay close attention to and introduce a number of high-quality projects to strengthen the support of projects for high-quality economic development. Through further implementation of a new round of technical reform projects, business investment, resource integration and other ways, government should further activates of existing resources, with existing resources to increase. Meanwhile, government should actively plan and promote the transformation of resource advantages in agriculture, tourism and ecology into development advantages, and gather high-quality projects with superior resources. What’s more, government should ensure that cities and counties interact with each other and share information, give full play to the role of private entrepreneurs, and introduce more businessmen to invest and start businesses in Mianyang.
Meanwhile, Yuan fang stressed that government should further find the right direction and focus, highlight precision to invest professionally. First, they need to focus on industrial clusters to promote investment, closely follow the "686" system of modern industries, and conscientiously implement the spatial distribution of industry, modern service industries and modern agriculture. And they needs to build a dynamic environment in which large projects are excellent and small and medium-sized projects are countless, so as to create a sound industrial ecology. Secondly, government needs to focus on key projects to promote investment and introduce a number of supplementary chain projects, strong chain projects and extended chain projects to improve the local matching rate of the industry and continually develop leading industries. Third, government should focus on promoting investment in key areas, make good use of policies related to accelerating the development of the science and technology city, strengthen strategic cooperation with central enterprises in Sichuan and provincial enterprises, deepen exchanges and cooperation with key areas such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Guangdong-Hong kong-Macao greater bay area to enhance Mianyang's open economy.
Finally, Yuan Fang stressed on making the implementation of contracted projects an important task of investment promotion this year, so the government should systematically sort out the implementation, commencement and operation of projects, and suit the remedy to the case to effectively solve the problems of difficult implementation, low implementation and slow effect of projects, continually improving the performance rate, operation rate, production rate and fund availability rate of contracted projects. Focusing on the three areas of low cost, convenience and accessibility, the government needs to innovate work ideas, improve administrative efficiency and improve the business environment to create a favorable situation in which a large number of major projects  high-end talents are gathering in Mianyang. It is also necessary to firmly establish the idea of a whole, further strengthen the organization, leadership, coordination and inspection, strive to form a work pattern that focuses on the implementation of each level, so as to promote numbers of new introduced projects and the completion of contracted projects, providing new growth points for Mianyang's economic development.
Mianyang government leaders Yan Chao, Yue Yong, Luo Zongzhi, Liao Xuemei, Lan Jing, and Wu Mingyu, secretary general of Mianyang municipal government attended the meeting.

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