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The City's Industrial Technological Transformation Investment Meeting Held, Yuan Fang Attended and Gave a Speech

2020-09-12 09:40
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On September 3, the city's industrial technological transformation investment meeting was held. The deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor Yuan Fang attended the meeting and delivered a speech, emphasizing that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on industrial project technological transformation, fully implement relevant central and provincial and municipal decisions and deployments, and pay close attention to the construction, reserve and guarantee of technological transformation projects. It is necessary to pomote the acceleration and efficiency of industrial investment and help the city's high-quality economic development. 
Participants visited the special polyester film production line of Dongcai Technology, the chlorination line of Lier Chemical Company, the production line of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Truck Mianyang Branch, the production line of Changhong Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and other technological transformation projects. Everyone observed all the way, studied all the way, and discussed all the way. They all expressed that they would actively learn from good experience and good practices, compare progress, find gaps, increase confidence, and add measures, and strive to use the actual results of industrial technological transformation investment work to contribute more to building Mianyang into the sub-central city of Chengdu-Chongqing region. 
Yuan Fang pointed out in the summary and comments that a good grasp of industrial investment, especially technological transformation investment, is of great significance to promote the stability and improvement of the city's project investment, and to achieve the goal and tasks for the year. Since the beginning of this year, the city's technological transformation investment has steadily rebounded, industrial projects have been promoted vigorously, and innovation capabilities have continued to improve. Driven by the strong industrial technological transformation investment, the city's industrial economy has accelerated its recovery. But at the same time, we must also be soberly aware that problems such as the slowdown in industrial investment growth and the inadequacy of new warehousing projects cannot be ignored. We must take targeted measures to consolidate the momentum of stable recovery. 
Yuan Fang emphasized that all localities and departments in Mianyang should follow the requirements of the province’s high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and the deployment of the city’s project investment meeting, put the technological transformation of industrial enterprises in an important position, set goals, strengthen confidence, and concentrate on doing a good job in the investment and construction of projects in the field of industry, and strive to complete the annual goals and tasks. We must pay close attention to the construction of technological transformation projects. We must adhere to industrial technological transformation as the main direction of tapping the potential of stocks, focus on the promotion of major technological transformation projects, the improvement of technological innovation capabilities, and the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, and find ways to provide advanced services, solve problems, and promote continuous and stable growth of investment in the city. We must pay close attention to the reserve of technological transformation projects. It is necessary to earnestly do a good job in planning, warehousing management, investment in the industrial chain, and competition for key tasks, to further enrich and improve the "14th Five-Year" industrial project reserve pool, and continue to strengthen the stamina of industrial economic development. We must pay close attention to the guarantee of technological transformation projects. Efforts will be made to ensure the elements, strengthen financial support, precise land supply, optimize the government environment, and create good conditions for the implementation of large-scale technological transformation. 
Yuan Fang emphasized that all counties (cities, districts) and parks should implement territorial responsibilities and take the initiative, and all departments should perform their duties and cooperate closely to jointly build a good pattern of city-county linkage and mutual cooperation. It is necessary to strictly implement the "five-one" working mechanism of the city and county leaders contacting key enterprises and key projects to form a strong atmosphere for planning, promoting, and serving technological transformation projects. It is necessary to improve the assessment mechanism, make good use of the "red and black list" system, and regularly carry out special inspections to ensure that the industrial technological transformation investment work reaches a new level. 
City leaders Yan Chao, Luo Zongzhi, Liao Xuemei, Secretary-General Wu Mingyu of the municipal government, as well as relevant departments of counties (cities, districts), parks and municipalities, and some key industrial enterprises mainly responsible comrades attended the meeting.

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