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Mianyang Earnestly Implement the System of Leading and Promoting the Construction of Key Projects

2020-08-20 21:27
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On August 13, the reporter learned from the office of the municipal project investment promotion committee that since this year, all departments in Mianyang have highlighted the key points, coordinated as a whole, carried out classified policies, and vigorously promoted the construction of key projects and the resumption of key industries. The construction sites of various projects were fully equipped with sufficient personnel and machinery, with full power to guarantee the construction period and target the progress. This year, there are 748 provincial, municipal and county-level key projects in Mianyang, with an investment of 53.473 billion yuan from January to July.
In Shuanghe town of Jiangyou county, at the construction site of Shenhua Tianming coal and electricity integration project, dozens of construction machinery vehicles shuttle back and forth on the construction site, and more than 2,500 construction workers are stepping up construction. The scene is a bustling scene. The project is the first project to implement The Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between national energy group and Sichuan provincial government, and is also a provincial key project. At present, the total investment has reached 5.42 billion yuan, with a completion rate of 70.8%.
Since this year, with the concern and support of the municipal Party committee and government, we have overcome the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic impact, the project has fully resumed in February 24th, has resumed 66 units project, the security, the quality, the progress overall stable and controllable. Relevant person in charge of Jiangyou Shenhua Tianming company said that at present, the project has fully entered the equipment installation stage, and the boiler body, electrostatic precipitator, condenser, chemical water production, desulfurization process building and other projects have been promoted orderly. At the same time, the railway special line foundation has been connected, and the tunnel, bridge and culvert, section main line and enterprise station signal complex building have also been orderly promoted.
In Youxian high-tech Zone, the Western semi-conductor integrated circuit high-tech industrial park project with a total investment of 8.026 billion yuan has attracted much attention, and the supporting construction of the project road, bridge, pipe network and field is advancing orderly. According to the relevant person in charge of the project, the preliminary geological survey of the project construction area has been completed, and the overall plant design scheme is being revised and improved. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 600,000 8-inch wafer series chips will be formed, and related supporting enterprises will be introduced to form the chip industry cluster development.
We can see the scenes of rushing for the construction period and catching up with the schedule everywhere. Key projects can not be accelerated without the coordination, supervision and service of leading cadres at all levels to create good conditions for project construction. In the promotion of key projects, municipal leaders actively promote the key projects leading to contact, regularly go to the front-line field office, coordinate and solve the problems of element guarantee, planning, land, capital demand, etc., and actively solve the problems of project promotion.
It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of August, Mianyang issued The List of Provincial and Municipal Key Projects under the Leadership of Municipal Leaders In 2020 and The List of Major Projects in the Early Stage Led by Municipal Leaders in 2020, which made it clear that 33 municipal leaders took the lead in promoting 275 provincial and municipal key projects, and 10 municipal leaders took the lead in promoting 24 major projects in the earlier period.
It has become a strong consensus of the whole city to grasp projects and promote investment. Since this year, Mianyang has adhered to the project-centered organization of economic work, and strictly implemented the "five ones" working mechanism of municipal leaders to promote major projects: Centering on a major project, arranging a municipal leading leader, defining a leading unit, establishing a project work team, formulating a set of project promotion work plan, drawing up a strict "responsibility map", which is of great significance. The smooth progress of the project provides a good guarantee.
At the same time, Mianyang has successively issued "Incentive Measures to Support the Resumption of Key Provincial and Municipal Projects" and "19 Hard Measures for Grasping Projects and Promoting Investment", and strengthened the linkage and coordination, classified scheduling and supervision and notification, increased the assessment weight of project investment, and comprehensively assessed the project reserve, project promotion, upward striving and investment promotion, so as to promote Mianyang to actively coordinate and solve the project promotion difficulties and problems in the process.
In 2020, there are 748 provincial, municipal and county-level key projects in Mianyang, with an annual planned investment of 92.438 billion yuan, and 53.473 billion yuan from January to July, with a completion rate of 57.85%. Among them, the annual planned investment in key projects of 38 independent provinces was 28.111 billion yuan, with 21.179 billion yuan completed from January to July, with a completion rate of 75.34%; that of 237 cities was 34.662 billion yuan, with an investment of 16.635 billion yuan from January to July, with a completion rate of 47.99%; and that of 473 counties was 29.665 billion yuan, with an investment of 15.659 billion yuan from January to July, with a completion rate of 52.79%.
Reserve projects should focus on the early stage, start-up projects should focus on landing, projects under construction should focus on progress, and completed projects should focus on production. At present, the whole city has implemented "wall map operation" and "linked responsibility and effect" in various links, and has concentrated on tackling key problems, accelerating the promotion of key projects, and injecting stronger impetus into the high-quality economic development of Mianyang.

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