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19 Forceful Measures Issued to Focus on Projects and Promote Investment

2020-08-06 11:43
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Recently, the Municipal Party Committee office and the municipal government office printed and issued “19 forceful measures for project investment promotion” (hereinafter referred to as "forceful measures"). From the four aspects of establishing and perfecting the leadership system, strengthening the responsibility system, perfecting the work system and optimizing the supervision and assessment system, it clearly puts forward 19 forceful measures, such as implementing the regular work meeting system, improving the promotion mechanism of key projects, strengthening the project reserve work, and strictly implementing the system of overseas investment promotion.
In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the provincial on-site project investment promotion meeting and the spirit of the city's project investment work meeting, and further sort out the methods and measures for promoting project investment, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission took the lead in drafting the first draft of "forceful measures", and solicited the opinions of relevant departments of counties (cities, districts), parks and municipal governments, as well as state-owned platform companies, which were reviewed by the Standing Committee meeting of the Municipal Party Committee and the executive meeting of the municipal government agreed and passed.
"Compared with the previous measures to promote project investment, this measure has great changes. All contents will be quantifiable, operable and assessable, which will help to implement the policies and measures in detail." Municipal Development and Reform Commission said.
In the aspect of establishing and perfecting the leadership system, the "forceful measures" put forward to strengthen the organizational leadership, strengthen the work promotion, and implement the regular work meeting system. It not only establishes the municipal project investment promotion committee to coordinate and promote the project investment work, but also takes charge of the overall planning, coordination, arrangement and supervision and implementation of the city's project reserve, project promotion, upward struggle, investment promotion, etc. It will not only implement the special work force, be responsible for the collection, summary and research of project policy information, the guidance, training and declaration of project reserve and upward striving, the overall planning, supervision and evaluation of project and investment promotion, but also hold monthly regular work meetings to study the project investment work of the whole city.
In terms of functions and responsibilities, responsibilities are clearer. The leading Party and government leaders at all levels are mainly responsible for the project investment, and the Party and government leaders at all levels are directly responsible for the project investment. The industry departments shall take the lead in the project investment work of their respective industries and fields, and require the above responsible comrades to study the project work once a month, and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission shall make a monthly notification.
At the same time, the Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment, the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban Rural Development, and the Municipal Bureau of Financial Work should also undertake the responsibility of element guarantee for the project investment. In combination with the actual situation, we should timely update and promulgate practical and effective factor guarantee policies and measures, and pay attention to the publicity and training of the policies, the implementation of the policies and the terminal effect.
If there are "hard core" measures, there will be rigid indicators. In terms of improving the work system, the "forceful measures" specifically stipulates the promotion of key projects, project reserve, annual investment project preparation, pre-project work, striving for the upper level, overseas investment promotion, landing and construction of investment promotion projects, and project training and competition. At the same time, the party and government responsible comrades at all levels have also put forward requirements for the number of times to strive for and go abroad for investment.
"In terms of optimizing the supervision and assessment system, the" forceful measures "proposed to strengthen special supervision, establish and improve the interview system, improve the project investment assessment system, and increase the use of assessment results." The person in charge said that the assessment weight of project investment work will be increased, and the overall assessment of project reserve, project promotion, striving for promotion and investment promotion will be carried out, and the responsibilities of various work assessment will be divided.

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