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Fucheng District: Efforts from Various Aspects Promote Strong Growth of Project Investment

2020-07-04 22:21
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In only 549 days, another 10 billion enterprises have taken root and grown strongly in Fucheng District. Recently, Mianyang Huike 8.6 generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device project was completed here. This marks that the project has officially entered the production and operation stage, and Mianyang has successfully put into operation another 10 billion level industrial project.
Behind the successful operation of Huike are the intensive efforts of Fucheng District: under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, Fucheng District has always adhered to the project-centered organization of economic work, focusing on and large projects, and striving to open a new situation of strong growth of project investment. In the past five years, the total investment of Fucheng District ranked No.1 in the city for consecutive years. From January to May this year, the investment completed 13.7 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 24.9%, ranking the first in Mianyang.
A group of data is more convincing: in 2020, there are 42 provincial and municipal key projects in Fucheng District, with a total investment of 67.274 billion yuan. Among them, there are 5 provincial key projects with a total investment of 36.3 billion yuan, all of which have returned to work and production in February 2020, with an investment of 8.458 billion yuan from January to May; 37 municipal key projects with a total investment of 30.974 billion yuan, and 1.705 billion yuan from January to May.
"Project construction depends not only on the number of contracts signed, but also on the implementation of projects. If the project is recruited, it should be able to stay, construct fast and construct well. " According to the relevant person in charge of Fucheng District, Fucheng has made new breakthroughs in the construction of key projects by focusing on the start-up, promotion of implementation and progress.
Within the centralized development zone of the Science and Technology City, the total area of the eight science and technology parks and other industrial bearing platforms has reached 450000 square meters, and the "four vertical and four horizontal" trunk roads are basically connected; Mianzhong road and S8 road in Lingang Economic Development Zone have been completed and opened to traffic... This is another "Assassin's mace" to solve the difficulties of project investment in Fucheng District: adhere to the guarantee elements, pay attention to the bearing capacity, expand the space, optimize the supporting facilities, and strengthen the financing, and do everything possible to promote the completion and construction of the project.
Investment promotion is the "first breakthrough" of project investment. Fucheng District adheres to expanding incremental recruitment projects, focusing on advanced manufacturing industry, science and technology innovation industry, and modern service industry. It has built three industrial clusters of new display, 5G and automobile electronics, and successfully signed major projects such as cultural and creative industrial park with investment of 20 billion yuan and airport new city of 6 billion yuan... The "water source" of project investment is constantly flowing.
Driven by a series of powerful measures, Fucheng District adheres to the guidance of planning and pays attention to the investment layout. The four major areas support the project investment pattern of systematic planning, whole area development and linkage development of the whole district--- the centralized development zone of Science and Technology City is closely related to the construction of science and technology, industry and new urban areas, focusing on the layout of scientific and technological innovation, urban development and infrastructure projects, with an investment of 34.7 billion yuan in the past five years. Closely following the development of advanced manufacturing industry, the Lingang Economic Development Zone focuses on industrial and park infrastructure projects, with an investment of 48.1 billion yuan in the past five years. The central urban area is closely related to urban double repair and organic renewal, focusing on the layout of old city reconstruction, municipal construction and urban economic projects, with an investment of 19.9 billion yuan in the past five years. Closely related to urban-rural integration and rural revitalization, the agricultural tourism integration zone focuses on the layout of agricultural tourism industry, residential environment and agricultural infrastructure projects, with an investment of 8.5 billion yuan in the past five years.
“Working this year, preparing for the next year, thinking about the future, insisting on high quality and speed-up, focusing on four batches. In order to realize the continuous development of project investment, we should reserve a batch of packaging, promote the start-up of a batch, accelerate the construction of a batch, and complete a batch and put it into operation.” The relevant person in charge of Fucheng District said that this year, 30 cadres were mobilized to form a special project team, 30 million yuan was allocated for the preliminary work of the project, and opportunities such as special anti-epidemic bonds, special bonds, and the “14th Five Year Plan” were seized. There were 678 packaging reserve projects with a total investment of 202.6 billion yuan.
Make the environment better and enhance the attraction. Fucheng District insists on optimizing the environment, focusing on service innovation, innovatively formulates and implements 20 measures of "three-dimensional service" centering on building a first-class nationwide and leading business environment in the whole province, so as to realize the "heat" of front-end investment attraction, the "strength" of middle-end project landing, and the "care" of back-end supporting enterprises. At present, there are 598 "enterprises above the scale of four categories" and 653 key tax source enterprises in the whole region, which have sustained and healthy development with considerate services.

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