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Yuan Fang: We Should Strive to Walk in the Forefront of Economic Development among Ethnic Areas of the Province

2018-11-23 00:00
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Yuan Fang stressed when he investigated the economic and social development in Beichuan

that we should strive to walk in the forefront of economic development among ethnic areas of the province

Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor

investigated the economic and social development in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County

On November 14 and November 16, Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor, investigated the economic and social development in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County.

Yuan Fang went to the construction site, inspected projects and schools... Yuan Fang and his entourage went to the construction sites of Beichuan Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Shilibei Tunnel Project and the Loufangping Bridge Project, and other places like Sichuan Health-care Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Pan American World Airways Technology City, Lechuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Beichuan Middle School, to investigate the situations of ecological and environmental protection, project construction, industrial development, basic education and so on. Along the way, Yuan Fang had in-depth exchanges with local cadres and responsible persons of enterprises, inquired about the progress of relevant work, and jointly discussed measures to accelerate the development of ethnic areas.

At the symposium held on the afternoon of November 16, Yuan Fang listened carefully to the work report on Beichuan’s development and fully affirmed Beichuan’s efforts. He pointed out that in recent years, the Beichuan county party committee and the county government have closely considered local conditions, scientifically identified the ideas on development, and solidly progressed various tasks. The county’s economic and social development has distinctive features. For years, Beichuan has achieved bright and fruitful highlights. Especially in 2017, Beichuan officially withdrew from the list of the national poverty-stricken counties and was awarded the Economic Development Model County for other counties of the province. This achievement was fairy valuable. Yuan Fang emphasized that Beichuan has profound cultural heritage, excellent ecological environment and good location conditions. It has unique business cards such as the Yu and Qiang Culture, the revolutionary culture, the culture of being tough in the 2018 Wenchuan Earthquake. It enjoys abundant tourism resources such as Beichuan Qiang City, Jiuhuang Mountain and Yaowang Valley. So, it is possible for Beichuan to achieve better, faster, and broader development. At present and in the future, Beichuan will earnestly enhance its sense of mission and sense of responsibility. It will work hard to overcome difficulties and accelerate making Beichuan a beautiful, environmentally-friendly and moderately prosperous county, so as to contribute more to building Mianyang as the China Science and Technology City and a strong modern city in the west of China.

First, we must accelerate the coordinated development of different regions. We should accelerate the integration into the main urban area of Mianyang, greatly support the industrial auxiliary equipment, infrastructure interconnection and public service integration, and strive to build a “back garden” of the China Science and Technology City. We should accelerate the coordination of the two districts of Beichuan County, effectively solve the problem of imbalance in development, and accelerate forming a sound situation where different regions can draw on advantages from each other and achieve coordinated development.

Second, we must go all out to promote industrial development. We should stick to creating more brands and mass-producing. We should speed up the adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure, actively promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, and enhance the quality and efficiency of developing agriculture. We should focus on all-for-one tourism, optimize the traffic circle of tourism and promote the transformation of the tourism economy into the whole industrial chain. We should rely on the “five major parks”, vigorously develop leading industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing and food processing, and focus on breaking through the “two new” industries such as new materials and electronic information, and vigorously enhance the quality and efficiency of manufacturing building materials, art and craft goods and products of other traditional industries.

Third, we must accelerate forming a new trend of opening-up to the outside world in a three-dimensional and comprehensive way. We should continue to cooperate closely with Shandong province and actively build a cooperation platform to guide more Shandong enterprises to participate in the construction of major projects and key industries in Beichuan, and double our efforts to introduce a batch of benchmark projects with large investment scale, long industrial chain and strong driving capacity, to enhance the stamina of economic development. We should strengthen the development of open channels, actively promote the construction of major transportation infrastructure projects such as Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang Expressway and Beichuan Airport for General Purposes, and accelerate the construction of a modern integrated transportation system which doesn’t cause traffic jam within the county and at the same time connects the outside world.

Fourth, we must deeply implement the rural revitalization strategy. We should consolidate the achievements in poverty alleviation and increase the income of the masses and solve the problem of poverty while enhancing the overall development level. In particular, we should deepen the coordination of poverty alleviation between the east and the west, and jointly achieve greater results from poverty alleviation. We should accelerate the new urbanization and double our efforts to improve the level of public auxiliary facilities of Beichuan County and vigorously promote the construction of characteristic towns and beautiful villages. We should solidly promote the reforms in agriculture and rural areas, adhere to taking appropriate measures in accordance with local conditions, focus on rural reforms, promote land circulation and moderate-scale operations in Beichuan County, and foster the development of modern agriculture.

Yuan Fang also raised several requirements in accordance with the current key work. He emphasized that Beichuan must resolutely safeguard national unity, actively build itself into a national unity and progress model county for other counties of Sichuan province, and earnestly maintain social harmony and stability. He said that we should well protect the ecological environment, and resolutely prevent and control air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution, so as to have green mountains, clean water and fresh air in Beichuan forever. We should also strongly support project investment. We should progress projects orderly and at the same time well prepare for projects of next year so as to firmly support the sustained and steady economic growth.

Two deputy mayors, Jing Dazhong and Luo Meng, and secretary of the municipal government, Tan Gang, participated in the investigation.

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