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Plastic Restriction Order in Mianyang Paper Straw and Degradable Straw “On Line”

2021-01-21 08:31
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"Did you change the straw, too?" Recently, Ms. Zeng, a citizen of Mianyang, found that the straws provided by the merchants were upgraded from the original plastic straws to paper straws. With the implementation of "Mianyang to further strengthen the implementation of plastic pollution control measures", from 2021, degradable straw based on paper straw appeared in milk tea shops and fast food restaurants. Reporters in Mianyang found that most businesses upgrade to degradable material straw, some fast food restaurants no longer provide straw.
Reporter Cao Yuting
The reporter visited the degradable straw on line in Mianyang drink shop.
In September 2020, the Development and Reform Commission of Mianyang and the Ecological Environment Bureau of Mianyang jointly issued the implementation measures for further strengthening the control of plastic pollution in Mianyang, which stipulates that by the end of 2020, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straws is prohibited in the catering industry of Mianyang, and the catering service in the urban built-up areas, A-level tourist attractions, tourist resorts and eco-tourism demonstration areas of Mianyang. It is forbidden to use non degradable disposable plastic tableware.
In October 2020, the reporter found that at that time, some businesses began to use paper straw. Starbucks stores in Wanda Plaza, Fucheng District, are only equipped with paper straws instead of plastic straws. With the implementation of "Mianyang to further strengthen the implementation of plastic pollution control measures", paper straw has become common since 2021. Recently, the reporter visited more than ten milk tea and beverage stores in the urban area. In Ruixing coffee, chabaidao, yidiandian, coco and other brand stores, he saw that paper straw and PLA degradable straw were "on duty" one after another.
"No material products can be directly drunk, no need to use straw", in 85 C stores, there is such a reminder on the paper straw package. In the interview, the reporter found that in addition to paper straws, PLA straws have also become the choice of businesses. A little bit of PLA straws are packaged with the words "recycled and degradable".
Consumer experience: paper straw has an impact on taste
During the visit, the reporter bought a cup of hot drink. During the drinking process, he could obviously feel the taste of the paper straw. As time went on, the pulp on the outside of the straw became soft. About half an hour, after drinking a cup of milk tea, the straw did not obviously fall or become paper paste.
The reporter interviewed a number of citizens at random. Most of them believed that the paper straw was conducive to environmental protection, and they would choose to support it, but they hoped that it could continue to improve to avoid affecting the taste. "The PLA straw is similar to the previous plastic straw and tastes better when used." Ye Yang, a citizen, said that he could not accept the taste of paper straws. Now when buying hot drinks, he is more willing to use the straight drink cup cover, "we have to stop adding materials."
"Macintosh can't spin now, only the ice cream spoon can't stir." Ms. Fang, a citizen, was told when she bought desserts at McDonald's. During the interview, the reporter found that the coke in some fast food restaurants has been replaced with a new type of cup cap that can be drunk directly, and no longer provides a straw. In addition, some businesses still provide disposable non degradable straws for customers, and the staff explained that they will gradually replace them with degradable straws.
Manager The cost will more than double
To replace the straws, the first thing for businesses is to increase the cost. The reporter found that 2,000 PLA straws with a diameter of 1.2cm and a length of 23cm were sold for 230 yuan, with an average price of about 0.115 yuan. The price of 100 paper straws of the same size is 10 yuan, with an average of 0.1 yuan per straw. However, in the past, the same size of non degradable material straw only cost 0.04 yuan per straw.
Because the PLA straw is very similar to the plastic straw, it is smooth and has oblique incision, and the taste is similar to the plastic straw, so it is more praised by consumers than the paper straw. In fact, PLA is the abbreviation of polylactic acid, which is a new type of bio based and renewable biodegradable material, using starch extracted from renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.) as raw materials.
Expert advice  Optimize primary color products and change the habit of biting straw
The reporter learned from Mianyang product quality supervision and inspection institute that the fluorescent substances and plasticizers in the non degradable disposable straw commonly used in the past may cause harm to human body, and it is difficult to recycle them. "The paper straw can be naturally degraded 3-4 months after being discarded. PLA (polylactic acid) is biodegradable, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms, and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the environment. However, the complete degradation of PLA requires 50% - 60% humidity and 50-70 ℃ temperature WangNi, deputy director of Mianyang Quality Inspection Institute, said that PLA cannot be degraded if certain conditions are not met, so it does not mean that it can be discarded at will after use.
WangNi introduced that as PLA straw is a new environmental protection product, the standard system of the product is not perfect at present. Compared with the paper straw market, it is not mature and standardized, and there are fewer manufacturers that meet the requirements, so it is easy to have "three no" products.
In the selection of paper straw, WangNi suggested that we should choose the compliance products produced by regular manufacturers, choose the primary color products, and choose the products with independent sealed packaging as far as possible. When using, shorten the contact time between straw and drink,and use temperature should not exceed 50 ℃,and change bad habits, such as biting straw.

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