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The Spirit of the Economic Work Conference of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee

2021-01-21 08:30
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"Keep the bottom line, keep pace with the times, and strive for the first !" On January 13, the Economic Work Conference of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee was held, which summarized the economic work of the whole city in 2020, analyzed the current economic situation, arranged and deployed the economic work in 2021, and clarified the target tasks and work requirements. Report card, new blueprint, and new task, caused strong response in city departments.
Beset with difficulties and corresponding measures, 2020 is an extraordinary year in Mianyang's development history. A number of responsible persons from municipal departments believe that the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee  has accurately judged the situation, carefully planed, took decisive action, united and led the people of the whole city to make hard efforts to prevent and control the pandemic situation and promote economic and social development.Meanwhile, Mianyang has done a good job in the "six stabilities(refer to: stable employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment,expectations)", fully implement the "six guarantees(refers to guarantee employment, basic people's livelihood, market entities, food and energy security, industrial chain supply chain stability, and grass-roots operation)", boosting the economic and social development to achieve hard-won new results.
"Stabilized the economic fundamentals ." The meeting pointed out that since last year, while strictly grasping the prevention and control of the pandemic, Mianyang has adhered to facilitate economic and social development, and make arrangements in line with the situation. The economic operation has shown a quarterly recovery, stable and good situation.
"The quality and efficiency of development have steadily improved, the momentum of industrial development is full, the stamina has increased, and investment in industrial and technical innovation has continued to grow ." The responsible Mpersons of Mianyang Economic and Information Commission said according to two figures, the output value of the six major innovation industries increased by 14.24 percent in the first three quarters of last year ,10.77 percentage points higher than the city's average.Last year, the state-owned and large non-state industrial enterprises increased 114. reaching to 1,081.
More data from the meeting is uplifting. The third batch of 20 national experience of the State Council, Mianyang contributed 3 items. The "five-specialist" enterprise service mechanism represents the province's selection in the China Business Environment Report 2020. New market entities throughout the year increased 55,000 households, and signed 88 projects over 500 million yuan. The domestic and foreign capital put in place steadily ranked second in the province... The city's hard-work has hand over the bright report card.
At the same time, Mianyang also remains sober. The conference pointed out that there are many uncertainties in the changes of the pandemic situation and the external environment. The foundation of economic recovery in Mianyang is not firm. The problem of unbalanced development is still prominent. The vitality of innovation needs to be further stimulated. The task of reform in key areas and links are still heavy....Mianyang will strengthen sense of suffering, firm confidence in victory, and promote sustained economic recovery and high-quality development.
This year is the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the beginning of the new journey of building socialist modernization Mianyang. How to do a good job in 2021 economic work? The meeting gave a sonorous and forceful answer: adhere to the general tone of steady progress. Based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, Mianyang will integrate the concept into the new development pattern, consolidate and expand the achievements of
pandemic prevention and control,and economic and social development.Mianyang also will deeply participate in the construction of double-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing, insist in the strategy of expanding domestic demand, augment the support of science and technology strategy, expand high-level opening to the outside world, maintain sustained and healthy economic development and social stability to ensure the opening of the 14th Five-Year Plan.
"The political position is high, the situation analysis is accurate with strong guidance and pertinence." Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Economic Cooperation and Development officials said that next, Mianyang will continue to carry out precision and professional investment, to canvass business orders with business and intermediary. Mianyang will not only recruit big and strong enterprises, striving to introduce a number of major projects with obvious driving effect, but also recruit new and excellent projects,introducing a number of supporting projects with high technology content and good market prospects around building, extending, mending and strong chain, so as to master the core links of the industrial chain.
Double-city economic circle construction in Chengdu-Chongqing area, Mianyang science and technology city new area approved construction,implementating  major strategies, Mianyang seizes the opportunity to take advantage of the situation."The new district should take a new road and work hard on the word'new', especially to innovate the system and mechanism to stimulate innovation vitality ." The responsible person of the Mianyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that the key task of the planning and construction of the new area of Mianyang Science and Technology City is to explore a new path for the construction of a demonstration area for scientific and technological innovation, to foster new advantages in the development of modern industries, to build a new home of green wisdom, and to expand new space for open and cooperative cooperation. Mianyang will speed up the advance work, scientifically formulate work plans and implementation support policies to promote the construction of new areas as soon as possible.
In the face of opportunities, Mianyang is full of courage. "Building a platform, strengthening the key core technology to tackle key problems and achievements transformation,  Mianyang will build a scientific city in western China and Chengdu, Chongqing, and Mianyang innovation Golden Triangle with Chengdu, Chongqing." The charge persons of  city science and technology bureau said they will promote the science and technology cooperation innovation, revolves around the key core technology, the common technology to tackle the key problem, promotes the co-construction and the sharing demonstration platform construction.
The key to turning the task book into a construction drawing lies in implementation. According to the responsible person of the city's transportation bureau, the city is actively planning to carry out a new round of major battle in traffic construction. Mianyang will co-ordinate and
formulate a plan of action for the implementation of smooth traffic infrastructure, the "Mianyang 14th Five-Year Plan" for comprehensive traffic development and the "three blueprints" for the implementation of a strong city, vigorously promote the construction of Jiumian Expressway, G5 Chengmian expansion and Mian Cang Expressway, and expand the opening channels to the outside world.
The blueprint has been drawn, and it is time to forge ahead. Standing at a new starting point, Mianyang will keep the bottom line, keep pace with the times, and strive to ensure a good beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan, and work hard to push the construction of China's science and technology city and the western modernization city to a new level.

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