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A New Round of “Three Districts” Talent Support Teacher Special Plan Launched in Mianyang

2019-07-18 09:44
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Recently, Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports (MMBES) launched a special teacher support plan for the "three districts" (Tibet, Kashgar, Hotan, Kizilesu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Aksu and Qinghai Tibetan, Sichuan Tibetan, Yunnan Tibetan and Gansu Tibetan areas) in 2019. It decided to send 108 excellent teachers from municipal schools (kindergartens) and Fucheng, Youxian, Anzhou, Jiangyou, Santai, Zitong, Yanting and High-tech, Jingkai, Kechuang and Xianhai to Hongyuan, Rangtang in Aba Prefecture, Zhaojue, Butuo in Liangshan Prefecture, and Beichuan and Pingwu, for promoting the development of education in minority areas.
It is reported that the "three districts" talent support plan is the key project of the Party Committee and the government to tackle poverty alleviation. The work of selecting teachers in the "three districts" is an important measure to promote the precise poverty alleviation in education and the exchange and rotation of principals and teachers. The MMBES and all counties (cities and districts) have set up leading groups to support the work of education counterpart, and formed a mechanism of regular or irregular communication and coordination between the two sides. The relationship of "city to state, county to county, and school to school" has been deepened in an all-round way. Since 2012, excellent teachers in Mianyang have been selected to help the education in the "three districts" every year. By 2018, 708 teachers have been selected to teach in Aba, Liangshan, Beichuan and Pingwu, and more than 230 assisted teachers have been trained on duty.
Over the years, Mianyang has spared every effort to do a good job in the "prescribed action", and has put innovative development into practice and reaped great harvest. Eighty-one high-quality schools in Mianyang have established "school to school" relationships with more than 100 schools in Hongyua and Rangtang County in Aba Prefecture, Zhaojue County and Butuo County in Liangshan Prefecture, and laid a solid foundation for poverty alleviation through sending in "teaching", inviting out "learning", forming pairs of "supporting" and doing all they can. Over the past five years, Mianyang's educational system has raised more than 6.4 million yuan in self-help funds and materials, appointed more than 700 teachers, trained more than 4,600 teachers in the recipient areas, and organized more than 1,000 students to exchange and study. In terms of the mode of "running classes in different places + running schools in local places", “Mianyang Class” was set up in Rangtang County in 2014. Mianyang Tibetan teachers are responsible for the teaching of major subjects, and relatively independently implement class management, cultural construction and teaching reform. At the same time, "Butuo Class" has set up in Jiangyou, in which more than 1.3 million yuan have been invested in special funds since 2017. Jiangyou Middle School has set up "Butuo Class in Senior High School", "Butuo Class in Junior Middle School" in Great Wall Experimental School, and "Butuo Class for Kindergarten Teachers" in Jiangyou Vocational School, receiving more than 120 Butuo children in all. By introducing, nurturing and sending back students from poor families with Butuo rural household registration, local education has been promoted.
“Mianzhong Class” from Mianyang Middle School building in Beichuan Middle School, "Nanshan Class" from Nanshan Middle School building in Pingwu Middle School, management teams and teachers were sent to Beichuan Middle School and Pingwu Middle School to undertake the management and teaching of "Mianyang Middle School" and "Nanshan Class", in order to carry out regular teaching seminars, and further improve the teaching level of general high school education in minority areas. Nowadays, Mianzhong Class of Beichuan Middle School and Nanshan Class of Pingwu Middle School have become the local resounding educational brand.
Mianyang Zijing National High School is the only independent public junior middle school in Sichuan, which is engaged in the work of ethnic education assistance in the province. Since the establishment of the school in 1993, the 24-year course of schooling is actually the course of promoting the development of national education, with Mianyang and Aba joint effort. Mianyang Zijing National High School has trained more than 2500 excellent talents for Aba Prefecture, which has been awarded "Model Collective of National Unity and Progress of Sichuan Province" by the Sichuan provincial government.
In order to do a good job in supporting teaching work this year, the MMBES requires that all localities and schools should coordinate together, do a good job in organizing and implementing the work conscientiously and improve the pertinence of the work. Schools should take the initiative to connect with the recipient counties and schools, understand their needs, consider the situation of different academic periods overall, select subject teachers and backbone teachers who are urgently needed in the recipient areas and conform to the prescribed conditions, and effectively help the recipient schools solving practical problems and improve their teaching level. Schools need to strengthen their work responsibilities, publicity, security and personnel management, implement preferential policies and subsidies, and embody humanistic care.
It is reported that these selected excellent teachers will be officially on duty in September this year in the new school year.

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