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The First Cross-Strait Dayu Cultural Exchange Held in Beichuan

2019-07-18 09:42
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Families on both sides of the Straits share the Chinese Dream. On July 8, the first cross-strait Dayu Cultural Exchange and the ceremony for Dayu's birthday in 2019 (Jihai) was solemnly held in Yuwang Square, Yongchang Town, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County.
Dong Biyou, deputy director of the Exchange Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Zhou Qing, deputy director of Propaganda Department of the Sichuan Provincial Committee, Zhao Yu, deputy director of Taiwan Affairs Office of Sichuan Province, Wang Shunyang, deputy director of the counseling office of the Sichuan Provincial Government and other scholars and leaders, nearly 1,000 guests from home and abroad, participated in the event.
At 9:30 a.m. on July 7, people stood in solemn silence. The main worshippers of the ceremony announced the official commencement of the ceremony for the birthday of Dayu in the year of 2019 (Jihai), with a loud sound of guns and sacrificial drums bursting on the scene. With the magnificent and solemn music, the leaders and representatives of compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese, cultural and artistic circles, and entrepreneurs bowed to the bronze statue of Dayu first and then offered flower baskets.
The event is directed by the Exchange Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, sponsored by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Sichuan Province and the People's Government of Mianyang City, and undertaken by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Mianyang Municipal Committee, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Mianyang City and the People's Government of Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County. During this period, a series of activities were held, such as the Yuqiang Culture Seminar on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, the Mianyang (Beichuan) Investment Promotion Conference in 2019, and the launching ceremony of the film Yucheng Secrets.
Beichuan is the only Qiang Autonomous County in China. It is the birthplace of Dayu-the founder of China, the hero of water control in ancient times and the pioneer of humanism. In recent years, Beichuan, the hometown of Dayu, vigorously promotes the spirit of Dayu and inherits the culture of Yuqiang. It is named the first "Hometown of Chinese Dayu Culture" by the Chinese Association of Folk Literary Artists and is established as the "sacrificial site of Dayu" by the Water History Research Association of China Water Conservancy Society. This "First Cross-Strait Dayu Cultural Exchange-the Ceremony of Dayu's Birthday in 2019 (Jihai)" and related series of activities will further deepen the specific practice of cross-strait economic and trade, tourism, culture, education and other fields in Mianyang and Beichuan, and will continuously enhance the friendship between compatriots across the Straits and promote the cultural identity of compatriots across the Straits.
The leaders of Mianyang, Zhang Xuemin, Ding Guoqi, Zhao Yingchun and Tian Ronghua, attended the opening ceremony and the sacrificial ceremony.

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