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The First Plenary Meeting of Leading Group on Pollution Prevention and Control in Mianyang

2019-07-18 09:37
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On July 11, the first plenary meeting of the municipal leading group in the battle of pollution prevention and control was held. At the meeting, report the progress of municipal pollution prevention and control work was reported and the next phase of work was arranged and deployed.Yuan Fang, vice secretary of Mianyang municipal party committee, the mayor and the leading team leader, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech, stressing the need to thoroughly study and apply Xi Jinping's idea of ecological civilization. We should further improve the ideological understanding, focus on the key point of prevention and control, catch the real investigation and rectification, strengthen coordination, and resolutely fight against pollution, to ensure the successful completion of full-year target task and promote the continuous improvement in ecological environment quality.

It was pointed out at the meeting that since this year, in the joint efforts of the relevant aspects, we have solved a batch of outstanding problems mentioned by the central, provincial ecological environmental protection supervision and the masses. In the first half of the year, the number of fine days increased by 24 days, and the air quality improved into the first echelon of Sichuan province, centralized drinking water water quality success rate of the cities at the county level and above reached 100%, and the soil environment quality are overall stable. However, at present, the situation of pollution prevention and control is still severe, and the prevention and control work cannot be ignored at all. So all relevant departments should further improve the political stance, earnestly enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, deeply analyze problems, research countermeasures, and pay joint efforts, comprehensively improving the city's ecological environment protection work level.

It was also stressed at the meeting that we should focus on the overall goal of the city's pollution prevention and control and focus on the three keys in air, water and soil pollution prevention and control with overall consideration and comprehensive measures, trying to solve prominent environmental pollution problems. In the prevention and control of air pollution, we will strictly implement the plan for preventing and controlling ozone pollution, strengthen joint prevention and control efforts, and effectively step up comprehensive efforts to control dust pollution and clean up enterprises that are "scattered and polluted", winning the "battle for blue skies". In the prevention and control of water pollution, practical measures should be taken to promote the continuous improvement of the city's water environment, ensure the safety of drinking water, and basically eliminate the black and smelly water in the city, focusing on the special improvement of centralized sewage treatment facilities in industrial parks, the construction of urban and rural sewage treatment infrastructure, and the comprehensive improvement of small river basins. In the prevention and control of soil pollution, great efforts should be made to eliminate phosphogypsum and dispose of hazardous wastes, strengthen the control and repair of soil pollution, and effectively prevent risks so that people can eat and live comfortably.

At the meeting, it was stressed that the central and provincial ecological and environmental protection inspectors should continue to strongly push forward the rectification of feedback problems, carry out large-scale investigation on a regular basis, and launch a 100-day campaign to rectify prominent environmental problems, so as to ensure that the rectification of problems is in place. We should further strengthen organizational leadership and put the ecological environment protection on a more important position, conscientiously implement that party and government share the same responsibility and party and government are both responsible for one post and the other. We should stick to the responsibility of guarding the soil, further cooperate with each other closely, strengthen supervision and assessment, improve the system and mechanism, and pay close attention to the implementation of the work, ensuring that the ecological environment protection work can achieve solid results.

Several documents were deliberated and adopted in principle, such as Working Rules and Office Working Rules of Leading Group on Pollution Prevention and Control in Mianyang, Work Plan for Investigation of Prominent Ecological Environment Problems in Mianyang, Administrative Measures for Reporting Ecological and Environmental Pollution with Rewards in Mianyang (Trial) and so on.

Leaders Luo Meng, Lan Jin attended the meeting.

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