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A National Award for Artificial Intelligence Technology in Mianyang

2019-07-18 09:34
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Recently, at the finals of the 3rd National Primary Health Information Innovation Competition held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, recommended by Sichuan Health Information Center, the project "Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Family Doctor Contract Service" declared by the Information Center of Youxian District Health Bureau ranked eighth among the 15 items that entered the final and won the third prize. This is the first time that a unit in our city has participated in this kind of competition and won the prize for the first time.

The competition is divided into three rounds: the first trial, online voting and on-site finals. There are more than 100 cases from all over the country to compete. The project of Artificial Intelligence Doctor Robot in the Information Center of Youxian District Health Bureau breaks through the encirclement and enters the finals smoothly. On the scene of the finals, after fierce competition in video display, speech, reply and other links, the project eventually won the third prize with a total score of 218.5 points, ranking eighth.

In order to enrich the means of family doctor contract service and improve work efficiency, in December 2018, the Information Center of Youxian District Health Bureau and Chengdu Bocheng Intelligent Medical Software Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed the first artificial intelligence robot in Sichuan Province for family doctor contract service. At present, the robot has been put into trial use in the community health service center of Youxian District Economic Test Zone, and has the functions of precise guidance, diagnosis, health consultation and intelligent contract signing. Next, we will focus on the development of residents'health information collection and acquisition functions. When the functions are mature and stable, robots will be put into various grass-roots medical institutions in turn for residents' centralized self-help contract signing and daily services.

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