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A Special Meeting of the Mianyang Municipal Government was Held

2019-07-11 14:29
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On July 1, the Deputy Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor Yuan Fang hosted a special meeting to study the deepening of cooperation between Mianyang and 5G industry leading enterprises. He stressed that we should firmly grasp the development opportunities of 5G industry, highlight the unique advantages, insist on manufacturing first, strengthen collaborative innovation, deepen strategic cooperation with Huawei, ZTE and China Telecom in the field of 5G industry, and strive to seize the development opportunities of 5G industry, so as to inject new momentum into the promotion of high-quality economic development.
After listening carefully to the reports of Changhong Holding Company, Jiuzhou Group, Mianyang Branch of China Telecom and Municipal Economic and Credit Bureau, Yuan Fang pointed out that 5G is the key area of the current global new round of scientific and technological revolution, the commanding point of digital economic development, and the strategic support for Mianyang to build a strong network city, a strong manufacturing city and a smart city. Mianyang, as an important national electronic information industry base, has insisted on giving priority to the development of advanced manufacturing industry, especially electronic information industry in recent years. It has made positive achievements in promoting the cooperation between government and enterprises. It has laid a solid foundation for accelerating the development of the new generation of electronic information industry represented by 5G and UHD display in our city.
Yuan Fang stressed that it is necessary to seize the development opportunities of 5G industry, highlight its unique advantages, adhere to manufacturing first, strengthen collaborative innovation, continuously deepen strategic cooperation with leading enterprises of 5G industry, vigorously promote the development of 5G industry and cultivate new economic growth points. Firstly, we should strengthen the main body of enterprises. It is necessary to continue to consolidate and expand the cooperative relationship between Mianyang local enterprises and 5G industry leaders with industry as the support, market as the guide and enterprise as the main body. We should accelerate existing cooperation projects, jointly build R&D platforms for scientific and technological innovation, actively carry out innovative cooperation in the fields of 5G experiment, integration and application, and jointly promote a number of key technologies to achieve breakthroughs, and strive to transform Mianyang's scientific and technological advantages into industrial development advantages. Second, we need to do a good job of matching. We should give full play to Mianyang's manufacturing capability, focus on the development direction of 5G industry and conform to market demand. We should guide our enterprises to make good stocks, increase production and brand names, strive to expand production capacity and improve product quality, and strive to cultivate a number of top products in the 5G industry, so as to continuously improve the position of our enterprises in the supply chain of 5G industry leading enterprises. Third, we should optimize service guarantee. In order to promote the development of 5G industry, we should give prominence to the orientation of service enterprises and focus on the needs of enterprises. We should continue to carry out special actions to optimize the business environment, do our best to provide enterprises with efficient government affairs, factor guarantee, talent support, preferential policies and other omni-directional support, multi-level services, and strive to create a good development environment for 5G industry.
Liao Xuemei and Lanjin, the leaders of Mianyang City, Dong Hong, the director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, and Wu Mingyu, the Secretary-General of the municipal government attended the meeting.

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