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The Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee Investigates the Economic and Social Development of Santai County

2019-07-11 14:27
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On July 2, Liu Chao, Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee, went deep into Santai County to investigate the economic and social development. He stressed that Santai is a large county with a population of millions and "one wing" in Mianyang's new regional development pattern of "one core, two wings and three districts coordination", and that the spirit of the fifth and sixth plenary sessions of the Seventh Session of the Municipal Committee should be conscientiously implemented. Santai County should exert its own pressure and accelerate its development, take the great role of the big county and give full play to the backbone supporting role of the "South Wing", and strive to contribute more to speeding up the construction of a new regional development pattern of "one core, two wings and three districts coordination".
Sichuan Ophiopogon japonicus Pig Modern Agricultural Experimental Park has 19,000 mu of Ophiopogon japonicus, 2 National Pig core breeding farms, 29 innovative platforms at or above provincial level, 43 agricultural processing enterprises. By 2018, Ophiopogon japonicus and pig production value reached 2.23 billion yuan. Liu Chao, after inquiring about the application of intelligent agricultural technology, innovation of operation mode and marketing in the park, said that modern agricultural park is an important carrier for gathering intellectual innovation elements, promoting industrial integration and development, and realizing agricultural modernization. We need to strengthen technological upgrading, product innovation and brand cultivation, promote agricultural technology research and development, demonstration, radiation and promotion, and constantly enhance product added value and competitiveness. We should innovate the ways of investment, construction and operation of the park, attract more social capital to participate in the construction of the park, strive to build the park into a high-quality and efficient agricultural development platform, and help the Rural Revitalization to achieve new results.
"How is the project progressing? What are the difficulties in the process of advancing?"... Liu Chao entered the construction site of the annual production of 6,000 ecologically assembled barracks (residential systems) and intelligent field health equipment projects of Henan Military Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. and 15 billion watt-hours automotive power battery projects of Sichuan Xinmin Ya Battery Technology Co., Ltd. He had in-depth exchanges with the person in charge of the enterprise and listened carefully to the introduction of the enterprise's development ideas, production and operation. He inquired in detail about the specific problems that need to be solved in the process of project promotion, and encouraged enterprises to strengthen their confidence and determination, and intensify their efforts to strive for the early start of construction and the early commissioning of the project to achieve results. In the investigation, Liu Chao affirmed Santai County's innovative service measures, timely solution of project difficulties and coordinated promotion of project construction. He emphasized that we should stick to the project-centered organization of economic work and further consolidate our responsibilities and innovate ways and methods in accordance with the requirements of the "Five-One" working mechanism. We should take the initiative to serve ahead, actively solve problems for enterprises, improve the level and efficiency of service project construction in an all-round way, and embody the effect of implementation by the quality and effectiveness of project construction.
Every spacious and bright workshop, every well-ordered production line... At Hongxing Erke (Mianyang) Co., Ltd., Liu Chao appreciated the practice of widely absorbing migrant workers to return home for employment and actively recruiting and training neighboring residents for employment. He stressed that relying on the traditional advantages of Santai County's textile and garment industry, we should closely follow the upstream and downstream industrial chains such as garment design, textile printing and dyeing, vocational training, and introduce related enterprises to speed up the cultivation and expansion of industrial clusters with distinctive advantages. We should earnestly implement policies and measures to guarantee the services of migrant workers and promote their return to their homes for employment and entrepreneurship, help solve the difficult problems of children's schooling, labor protection and social security, and attract more migrant workers to work and start businesses at home.
It is the general trend to promote the integration of culture and tourism. At present, Santai County is making great efforts to excavate local traditional culture, accelerate the construction of comprehensive tourism development project of Tongchuan ancient city, improve the taste and grade of Tongchuan ancient city, and reproduce the style of the ancient city of thousands of years. After observing the progress of the project on the spot, Liu Chao stressed that great importance should be attached to the protection of historical and cultural relics and the continuation of urban historical context. On the basis of maintaining the appearance and features of historic buildings, historic and cultural blocks, we should make rational use of them, enrich their formats and activate their functions so as to realize the unity of protection and utilization. Let Santai County form a charming cultural influence, distinctive tourism attraction, high-quality and efficient product supply, leading industrial competitiveness, and accelerate the construction of a modern medium-sized city with a population of 500,000.
On the same day, Liu Chao also went to Yan'an Village, Xinsheng Town, Jianxin Village, Shuguang Township, and Feiyue Village, Guanqiao Township, Santai County, to communicate with the poor people, the two committees of village branches and the leaders of supporting units, to supervise the investigation of "have no worry about food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and safe housing", and to promote the comprehensive improvement of rural human settlements. He also investigated the cultivation of agricultural characteristic industries, the "three revolutions" of rubbish, sewage and toilets in rural areas, and the construction of village Party organizations. He also discussed with people the ways to get rid of poverty, to get rich and to seek common development. Liu Chao stressed that we should speed up the cultivation of characteristic industries, actively explore the construction of agricultural industrialization consortia such as "peasant households + cooperatives", establish and improve the benefit linkage mechanism for poor households, and promote more poor households to stably lift themselves out of poverty and continuously increase their income. We should start with the improvement of rural human settlements, accelerate the improvement of rural production and living conditions, build a beautiful ecological and livable countryside, so that villagers can live in the comfortable environment of blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and clean waters. We should adhere to the combination of Party building and poverty alleviation, implement the responsibility system of Party building, and give full play to the cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity of grass-roots Party organizations in poverty alleviation.
Liu Chao emphasized in his investigation that big counties should play a big role and make great achievements. As the "one wing" in the new regional development pattern of "one core, two wings and three districts coordination", Santai County should thoroughly implement the spirit of the fifth and sixth plenary sessions of the Seventh Session of the Municipal Committee and take the initiative to shoulder the historical mission of supporting the backbone of Mianyang's "south wing" development. Santai should continue to expand its total economic output, improve its development quality, accelerate the construction of a demonstration county of integration of three industries in Sichuan and participate in the demonstration area of Sichuan-Chongqing cooperation in depth, and build a strategic fulcrum of Mianyang's south-to-east outbound. We should unswervingly focus on industrial development, optimize the stock of industrial economy, accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries, expand industrial economic growth, actively introduce a number of key enterprises and key projects, and focus on fostering a number of industrial clusters with strong competitiveness and radiation-driven effect. We should vigorously develop modern agriculture, based on resource endowment and traditional advantages, and focus on developing modern agricultural parks with distinctive features, factor aggregation, chain perfection and mechanism innovation, so as to speed up the construction of modern agricultural industry system, production system and management system. We should further implement the strategy of rural revitalization, take the prosperity of rural industry as the starting point, accelerate the development of integration of the three industries, promote the revitalization of rural industry, talents, culture, ecology and organization as a whole, and promote the overall upgrading of agriculture, the overall progress of rural areas and the comprehensive development of farmers. We should firmly grasp the work of "have no worry about food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and safe housing" and look back at the investigation, further clarify the details, identify problems and solve problems, resolutely eliminate formalism and bureaucracy, and ensure stable poverty alleviation and sustainable development. We should tighten the political responsibility of governing the Party and improve the quality of Party building at the grass-roots level with the emphasis on improving organizational strength. We should build up a strong team of leaders of Party organizations at the grass-roots level to provide a strong organizational guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the economy and society.
Vice Mayor Jing Dazhong of Mianyang City and relevant departments at the municipal level are responsible for comrades'participation in the above activities.

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