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Mianyang Comprehensive Strategy to Promote the Legalization for Business Environment

2020-09-25 10:28
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Government by law is the best business environment. Since the beginning of this year, through comprehensive measures, Mianyang has formulated an implementation plan for the construction of a legalized business environment and a list of tasks, etc. It has implemented such measures as perfecting the legal system of the business environment, strengthening the judicial protection of the business environment, standardizing the administrative law enforcement of enterprises, and perfecting the public legal service system of enterprises, which vigorously build the foundation of rule of law for business environment in Mianyang, and promote the construction process of legalization for business environment.
The reporter learned that this year, the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee has issued The Action Plan for the Construction of a Rule of Law for Business Environment, taking the lead in making comprehensive arrangements to enhance the nomocracy for business environment in Sichuan, and released The Opinions on the Establishment of a Legal Security Community for Optimizing Business Environment in Mianyang, being the first to build a legal security community that is comprised of Mianyang Municipal People’s Congress and government department for optimizing business environment in the province.
With regard to the improvement of the legal system for the business environment, Mianyang has issued The Circular on Fully Listening to the Opinions of the Chambers of Commerce of Enterprises and Trade Associations in the Process of Formulating Administrative Normative Documents. Mianyang has established 10 grass-roots legislative contact points of Mianyang Municipal Government. Meanwhile, the views of enterprises, trade associations and chambers of commerce have been heard in each enterprise-related legislative project, the legislative recommendations have been publicly feedback, and the draft of legislation has been made known to the  public online. Statistically, up to now, Mianyang has examined 135 major administrative decisions of the municipal government, cleaned up 14 cases that do not comply with the provisions of The Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment, checked up 772 documents involving intellectual property rights protection, trademarks, and abrogated 11 certificates items.
In strengthening the judicial protection for the business environment, the Work Stipulation for Mianyang Administrative Organs’ Persons in Charge in Court was issued to promote the construction of legalization business environment. By advancing the application of the national administrative reconsideration work platform and making public the reconsideration decision on the Internet, two cases were selected as the Ten Typical Cases of Administrative Reconsideration in Sichuan Province, first released publicly in Sichuan province. At the same time, the pluralistic resolution mechanism of contradictions and disputes based on people's mediation is constructed, which provides one-stop service for resolving contradictions and disputes for the involving enterprises, successfully adjusting 26,597 contradictions and disputes. The success rate of mediation reaches 98, which helps social harmony and stability.
As for regulating enterprise-related administrative law enforcement, we should focus on the key links such as the source, process and result of administrative law enforcement, strengthen supervision and grasp efficiency. Mianyang issued Instruction Opinion on the Implementation of New Model of Law Enforcement That Is First Guidance, Then Rectification, Last Law Enforcement, implemented inclusive prudent and flexible law enforcement supervision, so as to create a relaxed development environment for the main body of the market. Reducing law enforcement agencies, Mianyang has cut down 167 law enforcement teams in 13 fields at the municipal and county levels before the reform to 101, streamline up to 40, effectively straightening out the law enforcement system, and boosting the integration of law enforcement responsibilities.
Concerning the improvement of public legal service system of enterprises-related, giving full play to the service function of the public legal service platform, Mianyang have established 2,901 public legal service entity platforms in the whole city to decrease the cost of seeking legal services for enterprises. The Work Guidance of Precision Law Popularization in the Process of Administrative Law Enforcement in Mianyang was issued, and the first precision law popularization in the process of administrative law enforcement was put forward in Sichuan province to facilitate the deep integration of law popularization and law enforcement. Through carrying out the activities of governed by law in Mianyang, one month one theme propaganda and popularizing law propaganda into the enterprise, into the construction site, into the park, into the Chamber of Commerce, Mianyang guide the main body of the market to operate in accordance with the law. Mianyang has launched "sit-in "," network" and "patrol" examinations for nomocracy, made best use of the role of lawyers, notarization, judicial expertise, grass-roots legal services, arbitration and other professional legal services to help enterprises effectively prevent and resolve major business risks.
Mianyang has always insisted on taking the task of optimizing the business environment as the first project to boost high-quality economic development. Corresponding measures are formulated to make enterprises feel at ease in the process of development. Mianyang strive to create a safe and stable business environment that can provide a more effective legal protection, the related person in charge of Mianyang Municipal Party Committee Office of Comprehensively Governance the City said.

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