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Mianyang Promotes “Four Visits” to Improve Taxpayers’ Satisfaction

Visits + unannounced visits + patrolling visits + return visits

2019-01-31 14:36
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(Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Xie Yan) To steadily improve taxpayers’ satisfaction and awareness to reform, to participate and to gain, the Municipal Taxation Bureau has focused on the key tasks of personal income tax reform, optimization of tax cancellation and collection of social security fees in the institutional reform. It has also established four mechanisms of “visits, unannounced visits, patrolling visits and return visits” to continuously improve taxation services. In the 2018 Sichuan taxpayers’ satisfaction survey, Mianyang Taxation Bureau ranked third in the province, with its progress in ranking topping in the province.
We have adhered to visits to ask demands. We have carried out the special visit activity with the theme of “new institution, new services and new image” in Mianyang’s tax system. By asking demands in door-to-door, face-to-face or centralized way, we have visited 59,076 taxpayers in total, 15.17% higher than the planned visits. We have focused on publicizing a series of new measures such as “one hall”, “one button for consultation” and “one network” as well as a series of new policies such as VAT reform, individual tax reform, small and micro enterprise income tax expansion, and research and development expenses plus deduction. At the same time, we have also humbly listened to and collected 3,636 pieces of opinions and suggestions from taxpayers on policy implementation, collection and management, law enforcement, service standardization, and informationization construction. By classifying categories and dividing households to formulate and implement service measures, we have improved the pertinence and effectiveness of demand management. At present, we have solved 19 common demands of 7 categories and 465 individual demands.
We have adhered to unannounced visits to find the gap. By implementing the four-level inspection and relying on the third liaison (supervision) group of the provincial bureau to carry out key inspections, the municipal leadership team has carried out random checks on a regular basis. The tax service group of the municipal bureau has carried out routine inspections. The 12 liaison (supervision) groups of the municipal bureau has carried out checks on taxation sites of the stationed units and conducted comprehensive tracking, on-site inspection, and item-by-item taxation cancellation of the implementation of the key work list of taxation services. By focusing on unannounced visits to the operation and service quality of Mianyang’s tax service offices, we have found 56 problems of 11 categories and urged the rectification of them.
We have adhered to patrolling visits to solve problems. By combining the special action of investigating Mianyang’s tax sources, we have conducted patrolling visits. We have conducted on-site problems-solving and centralized consultation on the difficulties and sore points in understanding policies, the process and the system and problems like work operation mechanisms encountered by the bureaus at the grassroots level in the process of tax source management and taxation services. We have established a “grid” management mode which packages applicable tax policies, optional tax channels, and tax-solving solutions of taxpayers to improve tax efficiency and service capabilities.
We have adhered to return visits to promote satisfaction. With the goal of taxpayers’ satisfaction, we have optimized “after-sales services” and focused on establishing a long-term working mechanism for taxation and taxpayers. After the special visit activity was carried out, a certain proportion of taxpayers have been selected for return visits. The return visits need to confirm whether the actual problems are solved, whether taxpayers are satisfactory about the attitudes of the staff, and whether the opinions and suggestions are answered. We must establish a return visit account, order unresolved issues to be resolved within a time limit and promptly provide feedback to taxpayers. We must promptly report the problems that cannot be resolved at the city and county levels to the higher authorities, and publicize and explain tax knowledge to tax-payers to ensure taxpayers’ satisfaction. 

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