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Mianyang Should Contribute More to the Prosperity of Sichuan Province

2019-01-23 09:45
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Chengdu dispatch -- (Reporter: Huang Xiaoqin, Pei Yusong) On January 14, at the second plenary meeting of the Mianyang delegation of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, 50 delegates of the Provincial People’s Congress were full of enthusiasm to accelerate the development of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City and the military-civil integration innovation and development. They compared notes with each other and raised their own opinions to contribute more to the prosperity of Sichuan Province.
“We support Mianyang to establish a national demonstration zone for the military-civil integration and innovation” “We will provide more support for the construction of Mianyang Science and Technology City” ... The delegates combined with the provincial government work report to talk about their understandings, feelings and the future. Such words as “remarkable achievements”, “encouraging”, “promising” and “inspiring” were the most frequently used words.
The construction of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. After 19 years of hard work, China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City has initially embarked on a path of relying on technological innovation to promote industrial development, boost economic growth and safeguard national defense. In order to speed up the development of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City, the delegate Liu Chao suggested that Sichuan province and Mianyang should jointly strive for the exclusive policy of supporting the development of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City so as to better shoulder the important historical mission entrusted to Sichuan province by the Party Central Committee.
Over the years, the central urban areas of Mianyang has been mainly developing along Fujiang. These areas are too much densely-populated and the carrying capacity tends to be saturated. The project of supplying Anchang River by connecting Tongkou River to Subao River is an important measure to alleviate the problem of water shortage and water safety along Anchang River. The delegate Yuan Fang suggested that the province should optimize the layout of water resources development and utilization, and increase support for water conservancy projects.
Mianyang has solid foundation, comparative advantages and a strong desire to establish a military-civil integration innovation demonstration zone. The delegate Ma Hua suggested that the provincial government should actively support Mianyang to establish a military-civil integration innovation demonstration zone, and strive to create a new path with “Mianyang characteristics” which features the innovation-driven development and the military-civil integration development.
“Mianyang is striving to become the provincial economic sub-center. To that end, the most important thing is to expand the economic stock, strengthen the economic quality, fulfill the national mission and build itself into China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City.” said the delegate Yue Yong. “The core is to promote industrial development, make great efforts to promote the transformation of Mianyang’s scientific and technological achievements and completely change the situation that Mianyang has strengths in technology but drawbacks in industry”.
“To accelerate the development of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City, the key is to get strong industrial support.” suggested Li Haotian, who conveyed the voice of many delegates. He suggested supporting the construction of Mianyang Automobile Industrial Park and striving to build Mianyang into the second largest automobile industry base in Sichuan province.
Deepening the reform of streamlining powers, strengthening supervision and optimizing services is a powerful measure to solve the problems such as the problem that enterprises and the masses have reflected it is difficult and slow to get their issues solved. The delegate Qu Yongan suggested strengthening overall planning, integrating policies and accelerating the reform of “running at most one time”.
How to build a good business environment for the healthy development of the private economy was also one of the topics that the delegates strongly concerned. The delegate Yao Jiandong suggested that the key should be improving efficiency, optimizing services and striving to create a good business environment.
The suggestions raised by the delegates were strongly related to development and their words were concise and pragmatic. Delegates used plain language to express their understandings and opinions. They also put forward their opinions and suggestions in light of their own work. They have contributed more to the prosperity of Sichuan province. 

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